The dynamics of the mind are so complex we cannot even begin to scrape the surface of how evil versus good works in the thought pattern. I do not understand the power of evil over good and how people do the things they do to others. I cannot understand how someone can gain such pleasure from hurting others.

I do not understand the how’s or why’s people become serial killers or killers that can mutilate a body. How can someone have that much hate and anger inside of them? How do we punish the sins of the killer? We kill the killer and I do not know how I really feel about that.

Is killing a killer true justice? To let a killer live is an injustice to the deceased but for us to kill that killer are we not committing the same act? The one thing that is done when someone is being killed in prison is everyone pushes a button. No one knows who is the person that pushed the button of final death.This is one of those subjects that you could talk to death.

The truth is never far from the surface but getting through that tough veneer isn’t so easy. I just do not have the answers to so many questions and I question so much. If you have not lived it, how can you judge it?


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