Dangers of Nudity Part 2

Never try to zip up jeans if you aren’t shaved, those pubes hurt when caught in the zipper

Never run away from your lover, shit happens slips and falls

Never give up sex just because you are naked

Don’t be ashamed of your body

Dont let just anyone touch you

And stay the fuck away from frying bacon, this is your second warning!

Village No More

It takes a village to raise a child and when the child is sick more likely than not they are not noticed. The things they do are screaming signs for help. You think it’s normal for your child to hurt your pets? You think it’s normal that your child has no friends? You think it’s normal for your child to have no pride?

This is not normal behavior and are signs of a troubled child. Go to counseling, run do not walk because your child is the child that may be the next one to commit a terrible crime among others. The parent that says they have seen no signs within their child is a blind idiot. Kids show signs in different way, pictures, words, actions.

This is the problem with society, we chose to blame others instead of ourselves. We are the ones that raised our children and we are the ones that are part of the damn problem.

Travel Away

I am going to finally follow my dream and I am going to visit Frankie next year. I do not want you anywhere around to ruin my trip so keep your ass in France. Frankie is a real friend to me as well as you but I want to have fun with Frankie and you would only ruin my vacation. 

Stay away for yourself if you have an ounce of pride, STAY THE FUCK AWAY.

Me Gone

Snapshot_20121215_2Finally getting the hint? I delete everyone you pretend to be, I will not answer anyone on the dating sites and I have no desire to talk to you at all. “C” and I are going to try to make a go of it and you are not welcome to disrupt any happiness coming to me. You have taken enough don’t you think?

You are lost in a fantasy that will never come true so leave me the fuck alone. I do not want you any longer, even I have my limits and you surpassed them. I hope you find your happiness and quit following me there is nothing here for you any longer.



I am deleting you, every post u lie   you make , i do not want you in my life you mean nothing to me and deserve better than  you. go away let me go have NOTHING to offer me nor anything I want. Do not contact me  I will delete you over and overI am deleting you, every post u lie  everycoment you make , i do not want you in my life you mean nothing to me and deserve better than  you. go away let me go youave NOTHING to offer me nor anything I want. Do not contact me  I will delete you over and over untilu are gone forever.tilu are gone forever. 

U r welcome any longer


From Me

I gave myself to you but that wasn’t good enough so I have taken back my control. What do you want? I will not kiss your ass, I will not fall over you because you are fame and fortune, I will not fall for your autograph and I will not fall into your bed because of who you are.

I do no want anything from you I do not like the little boy, he is to indecisive and a dreamer that won’t chase his dreams but instead pretends he is living his dream. I delete him every post every moment I delete you because I do want you gone.

Fault Of Child

He entered the building with one thought in mind, to get back at his mother, to hurt his mother. He entered the school and shocked aimlessly at innocent children but he chose to eliminate them one by one. Is he sick or is he evil? What he has done was self pleasure and caused so much pain to others.

This is a troubled child, the signs were there but were ignored and the penal system would rather see him dead than to get the help he deserves. No one walks into a place and has an overwhelming desire to hurt others, it an immense anger and hate that has build up inside the child that explodes.

This is what society is doing to our families, everyone wants money and everyone whats what they want and they want it now. We bring children into this world and we fill their slate with our promises and mistakes and the lies do not help. Children blame their parents because they know no better and have no one else to blame for their unhappiness.

What that boy did is not evil, what he did was his only way to express the immense pain in his heart. I do not hate this child and I do feel such great loss for the children and their family but this is what we have done to ourselves. We can no discipline our children, no they are given the rights and parents must suffer for it.

The police have charged Ryan with assaulting me and he will have to deal with that when he gets out of the hospital but he will not get another chance to hurt, ever again. I have tried to correct the wrong but I am not capable of filling his heart with the losses that affect him so.

Is it right to put this child to death because of his age? No I think not, he needs serious psych care and he also has to deal with what he has done, I pray for this child to find inner peace and forgive himself for his actions.

When you have a mentally ill child you learn so much and it is hard work trying to understand  and to forgive. They have issues you and I cannot understand so we are quick to judge but not to understand. The pain in a mother’s heart runs deep and jagged and it puts us in our own personal hell.


Unfed Needs

You know what you need? No, you dont have a clue but I do. You need to get on some sweats take off your shoes and kick back. You need to have your head massaged and then your shoulders and you need sweet kisses on your neck. You need to have your shirt ripped of you and you need to give in for a while.

You need to let someone else lead the band and you need a full body massage gabriel, you need to be pampered and spanked and you need to be taught a lesson. I am the one that will teach if you are grow some balls and face me, but you won’t you are afraid.

Draw What?

This month I seem to be like honey to the bears, I have more men interested in me than a 2 dollar whore. Damn, men coming out of the friggin woodwork and ya they look like termites too,lol. I am mean and  I know it but I do not consider myself unattractive but I am no raving beauty either.

It’s this magnetic personality I suppose and because I won’t play kiss ass to anyone, that includes any shriek or president as well. I am who  I am if you want smoke blown up your ass then go back to what you had she did her part as far as stroking you. Honey, if I stroke you, you damn well can take that to the bank and draw interest on it.

Maybe one day when you want to learn more about the person within you will look me up,

Marry Not

This has been a crazy month and when “C” was going to buy me a car was not welcome at all. He is trying to get me to go on Christmas vacation with him but I hae to get past this sex thing. Damn, this has become a job that is not welcome but I am forcing myself to jump in head first.

“C” is funny and can handle my strong personality, we see eye to on a few things but there is some smelly ass fish somewhere and I am sure it will come out of the closet in time. “C” is always complimenting me which I am getting tired of hearing because it’s as if he is ass kissing and I have no respect for a weak man.

He has been asking questions like where would I like to go if I ever remarried, how I felt about a prenup, where I want to live ect, these questions spell trouble because I am starting to think he actually thinks I am going to marry him, lol this ole girl isn’t marrying anyone. He thinks he is being sneaky but he is transparent. what a fucking moron, damn.