The Gift

The gift I give you is your freedom, your freedom to forget me and find someone who makes you happy. You are addicted to me and this is not good. You have no desire to meet me just to read about my life and look at my pictures. It is time for Gabriel to find Gabriel and his happiness, this does not include me.

I tried I really did but even I have my limits and you are used to getting anything and anybody you like, so get yourself one just not me. I do not want anything from you and I would hope you are financially well off enough to take care of yourself and I am sure you are.

I am not for you I am not one that would bring looks your way, I am not beautiful I am not thin I am not famous and that is what you like to be seen with rich and famous. It’s just your way but not mine and I wish you luck but you are doing fine all on your own.

You were my best friend, ya you were and I always felt safe when I heard your voice. You will not accept my calls so I will call you no more. I am keeping you from the one you should be with so please be happy take care and be the best you can be, o ya find yourself Gabriel and be true to yourself.

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