It Happens

2 years ago i had never even heard of this song. I had all but given up on ever finding love. Then i met her online but as luck would have it she lived on the other side of the world.4 weeks later i was on a plane to london, 1 week later i asked you to marry me 2 weeks later we flew back to australia together. As our 2nd wedding anniversary approaches all i want to say is Susan you are the reason i smile and the sparkle in my eye each day. With all my love your husband.

The Road

If you find me on the side of the road

You will see I carry a heavy load

It is not something I wish to do

It’s something thrust on me

And not you

Life isn’t filled with happy endings

Life doesn’t guarantee safe beginnings

We fight our way from year to year

Damn sometimes, all I want is a fucking beer

I am a lady not a whore

I am all you want and 

So much more

I am a kaleidoscope of colors

So paint me

Mate me

Make me your own


When you start to see someone on a regular basis the first thing that seems to become a permanent is their toothbrush next to yours. Then they start to leave clothing and items at your place. This is always the first steps to moving into together and that will also tell you a lot about the person and their habits.

You can tell how dedicated the person is to you and you should be smart enough to know what the motive is. If you do not want someone moving in with you then do not allow someone to leave a toothbrush or sweater. People tend to like to leave little things around just in case you are seeing someone else.

It’s a control thing people do and it’s as if they are letting others know that you are “taken” or have a “regular”. It’s a shady maneuver but does the trick many times. I don’t know what a good time frame is for moving in with someone or if there is a time frame at all. I think it’s how the relationship progresses and how comfortable you feel when you are in that person’s home.

If you feel comfortable enough to walk in the bathroom after the other person as done their morning dump then that is a good indication that you are comfortable with the person. lol ya I know it’s crude but it’s being realistic as well. If you can take a shit while the other is in the shower is another sign that you are comfortable, damn comfortable cause I can’t shit when someone is in the shower, lmao.

Some things I like to do alone and I think I come up with the best ideas in the shitter, don’t all of us do our best thinking on the shitter or is it just something special to me, roflmao.

Move Over

I am slowly selling off pieces of my home and I want to get rid of as much junk as possible so I can list it. It will be two years April 26 that Bob has been gone and it’s a turning point for myself. It seems as if the two year mark is needed for my life to start over hopefully by then I will have this house ready for market and I can sell it.

The nice thing is I only have a small equity loan to pay off and I walk away with some benjamins and no more headaches. I used to want this house so bad because this is where the kids were raised but I have come to realize it doesn’t matter where you lie your head as long as you feel safe, loved and happy.

I do not know where I am going but I do know I am going away from here.

Beautiful Her

IMG_0098My daughter is such a beautiful person and even though she pushes my buttons I love her. She has a great head on her shoulders and she actually keeps me on the straight and narrow. She is always keeping me from helping people that will do nothing but fuck me over. I really enjoy my time with Shelby because she is so grounded and I have finally realized that my daughter is proud of me, ya she is proud of me and that is a wonderful feeling.