No Room

I have a king size bed and I like sleeping alone because I am a restless sleeper. I toss and turn, burp, fart, snore, sneeze and pee myself. I am not a good bed partner at all. I steal the covers and put my cold feet on the warm body net to me. I love to cuddle but men generally have a high body temperature and they are to hot for me.

I tend to cuddle, play and push away, I know that is tacky but I cannot handle the man heat. I do some weird shit when I sleep and I have a habit of putting a blanket or pillow between my thighs because I am so hot. I under cover my feet and cover them back up all night and toss and turn because I cannot get comfortable.

Everyone has sleeping habits and I absolutely hate being woken up when I am finally sleeping good. The house would be on fire and the kids would not wake me up for fear that I would go off. I haven’t been getting enough rest lately and feel pretty shitty for the most part and the pain, the fucking pain is too much.

Frankie, a friend of mine called me last night out of the blue, how weird Frankie is because he calls and says nothing and says he will call me back but he never does. Frankie is a dear one and I care deeply for him and am finally going to go visit maybe in April. I am definitely going but have to clear up the legal crap first.

I have my visa paid for and just need to get some more shots and then I can go. I was going to send a big xmas box but think I will just hand deliver it to him. He doesn’t really believe I am coming but I am and he will be shocked when I actually do show up.

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