Confusion Conclusion

I have been so confused this year about so many things and it has been a very difficult year for many people, not just me. I am going into the new year with less drama and I am much more positive than I have been. It has been very difficult to deal with all the drama but it’s like this: bad things have to happen before good things can come in.

Saturn came into my sign in October and that brought on another serious lesson, my son attempting suicide and then trying to kill me. The lesson in that was I had to stop trying to protect my son and get him the help he needs. I let James move in to help me and if I hadn’t Ryan would have killed me, James presence stopped Ryan because James tried to fend Ryan off with the dog cage.

Since October I have been trying to stop “him” from being part of my life because it is time for that relationship to change as well. You cannot stop Saturn no matter how hard you try because Saturn makes you make changes no matter what. 

O these boys are little gems, they were upstairs up to no good and when I called them they came barreling into the great room, Michael came up his puppy steps to get on the couch with me and Gabriel continued on into the kitchen. They are such a grin and they put a smile on my face. It’s the little things…….

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