Online stalkers generally set you up to take your money and they are very successful at it. They sweet talk and tell you they love you after talking to you several times and if you are really insecure and in a bad relationship you fall for their words. A woman that doesn’t feel her own self worth are the ones that get taken, I was one of those women years ago but no longer. It is extremely rare for the stalker to have an emotional attachment to their victim.

These type of relationships can last for years until the victim finally has had enough and found someone to fill the space in their heart. Every once in a while a wonderful relationship does develop and it turns into a really wonderful relationship, so yes it is possible to meet your soul mate through scammers. One would never think such a relationship could survive, not only do they survive they thrive and grow and the individuals involved find themselves in a healthy relationship.

I have found myself in a scammers relationship and yes I fell for the “I love you” words and the false promises. I have finally woken up and realize I have been holding onto air and nothing more. I wish I could believe him but I cannot and I do not believe we shall ever meet on this earth, we will definitely meet in the next life if not this life. I believe in love and I believe that we were brought together for a specific reason, maybe it was to teach me to be more cautious and not so naive.

I am glad 2012 is almost behind me because the changes coming my way are kind of extreme  but I am ready to move on in all areas of my life. He doesn’t want to be with me and I have accepted that and I am letting go of my hopes and dreams of him and I . I will miss him but I do have one good thing to hold onto, I got to know the real him or at least a little bit of the real him, not the fame or the game and I am thankful for the time he was there for me.

I am having our charts compared sometime during the first week of January and my curiosity will be slightly fed. I am curious how we would fair as a couple, not like that will ever happen but I cannot help my curiosity. I have always felt like we were soul mates and I still think we are  but it’s not up to me to make him show himself and I cannot control the situation, just let it unfold as it may. I do wonder if he feels like I feel or if I have become a habit to him.