2012 Broomed 2 Nite

Tonight is the last of 2012 and as I leave it I leave so much behind emotionally, I leave so many troubles and problems behind because I was able to work through them, around them or over them. I have grown so much as a person and I see positive weather ahead because I am going into the New Year with a new attitude. I have become much stronger and I have left Bob in the past but I shall never forget him but I will no longer try to do what I thought he would have wanted.

I am living for myself finally and after eighteen years of pretending I am once again the real Kimberly and no one can change that. I know who and what I am and am not and I do not blow smoke up my own ass, first off all I can’t because I am not double jointed and second that just isn’t me. I look forward to getting my business off the ground and bringing in some extra cash because Shelby will no longer have social security coming in as of May and that is two thousand a month that is needed.

I have been setting my mind to put “him” behind me and I just have a feeling that this chart comparison is going to tell me to hang in there and of course I will. I am hoping it tells me that we would never ever work out that way I have something to look back on when I feel myself getting weak at the knees for him. How do you like those little blonde hairs my sweet? LOL, you just would love to dive in face first now wouldn’t you?

As long as I have a face to sit on you will have a place to sit hon, lol I know I am so bad but what can I say, you bring out the naughty in me and when I think of you I smile and sometimes even laugh at some of the things you have done to keep me from moving on and leaving you behind. For some reason you want a piece of me and I have no idea why, maybe it’s because I am real and could care the fuck less who you really are.

I told Frankie that and he got such a kick out of it and he asked me to repeat it later so he could repeat it. I told him don’t go saying that to strange women because they will slap the shit out of him and he thought that was so funny.

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