I talked to Shelby and she is celebrating the New Year at a friend’s house, I didn’t even know that it was New Year’s until she told me. You can see I am really with it as I sit home on this festive occasion doing nothing but watching the tube, listening to music and the boys fighting. Michael picks on Gabriel but Gabriel is not putting up with any crap which is so funny to watch, Michael will be eating something and Gabriel will bark at him like Michael is going to share.

My pets have become my day to day family and we have some pretty heated discussions at times. Yes, there are those that think people like me are totally off the map but there are quite a few people who treats their pets as if they are part of the family, which they are.We will do what we do every night, I will work until I get tired and then I will go into my bedroom take off my clothes and climb into a  bed of cold sheets and comforter.

I will put the boys in their bed next to me and while they are getting comfortable I will resting my head in a pillow full of feathers and I will feel the coolness of the pillow on the sides of my face. I will let thoughts go threw my head and eventually I will fall to sleep. I will get nice and comfortable and reach for a pillow to hold so I can feel the coolness on my chest and then I will through off the covers until I get cold again and then cover up.

My night will be like every other, tossing and turning, covering and uncovering my ass and having fitful dreams. I have made a dent in listing the junk to sell but had to take a break as it gets to me to do such boring work. I do not like doing repetitive work and I get bored with it very quickly, I want to get this stuff posted asap because people will have money to spend after Christmas and cake decorators go crazy over unique shit and I sure have a bunch of it.

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