Midday Tea

As I sat drinking my midday tea I decided on finally making breakfast at 3 p.m. the boys and I enjoyed eggs with milk as a friend of mine once described scrambled eggs. I have to laugh when I remember that conversation and how he was coming to my area as a gas line inspector or something similar to that. I remember well our conversations and his laughter, a hearty one when he is really letting go and I remember well the conversations of sexual acts.

He hasn’t changed much in the last four years but he seems to be more solemn, more reserved, more sterile in so many ways. I enjoyed him four years ago when he was more open in so many ways but time changes people and their goals in life. I watched a video of him today and I saw such a happy person but that happiness has gone from his life and he seems so stick man like. He needs to loosen up and enjoy life once again.


I will continue on my journey of growth and letting go of what no longer serves me and that isn’t as hard as I though it would be. It’s easy to let go of things that  aren’t working for you when you realize your goal is to be happy and your goal is to find your soul mate. Nothing will stop me from accomplishing what I have in mind and I can see my new business taking off in January, it is always time-consuming when you own a business and takes up so much of your time.

I have been working not stop from morning until night to get the site ready for launching and I look forward to getting rid of so much crap , I look forward to planning my trip and I look forward to having all this legal stuff put behind me. I will be the victor in my dads affairs and I will come out smelling like a rose in all legal matters, how do I know this? Because I will make it happen and I can do anything I put my mind too.

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