Sexy Colors Sexy ArtWork




I think certain colors are sexy, black, burgundy, shades of red are all sexy to me, cherry wood is also sexy to me and my bedroom suite is made of cherry. The set is huge and so heavy that I have put down coasters so I can slide it around without help. I have mirror closet doors and the boys just discovered them and have spent several hours barking at themselves, lol. my bedroom is always romantic because of the colors and the artwork and I can lie in bed and feel sexy anytime of the day or night.


Have you ever tried being sexy in a room of pastels? yellow? green? Those colors relax me and do not get me excited at all and that is one reason people light candles, for the ambiance. I like to restaurants that are dimly lit and use candles on the table, it’s sexy and romantic and people feel more at ease. Artwork also sets the mood if you are open to it and many people do not enjoy artwork or appreciate it, I enjoy all forms of art and romantic artwork really is something I enjoy.



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