O Lord

I’m getting married at the justice of the peace and then remarrying again in August in Chile, lol. New mama is insisting on having a friend of hers make me a wedding dress and she is insisting on a huge family wedding, I have no family so it’s a good thing “C” has a huge family. We are going to Bora Bora for the honeymoon and March 5 has a place in my heart that no one knows about. His mom is huge into lace so I’m going to look like a pair of my own panties walking down the aisle.

She doesn’t know we are getting married next month and we are not telling her because she will have a melt down. I gave “C” back his ring and he showed up with this rock the size of a cock. He knows I am not into jewelry and I think he bought such a large ring ( 5 carats) to impress his mother and family. His mother cried when we told her and she said it was the best birthday present she has ever gotten and I am glad I could make her day, she pulled out pictures of wedding cakes that she would like me to choose from, holy mother of G she asked me if I minded looking at her guest list so she emailed it to me, my G they must be related to everyone in every country down that way, the friggin guest list has 800 people and counting, lol.

Damn people move fast especially happy latino mama’s, the cakes she showed me were unbelievable seriously eight tiers and side cakes, wtf? She started talking about the food and hell I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about because she said most of it in Spanish and she asked me when I was going to learn Spanish and I told her I have been working on it, she laughed at me when I said si and could count to ten in spanish. She wants us to say our vows in Spanish and unless si and counting to ten counts then ok, mama I’ll speak Spanish, lol.

“C” has a precious mom, when we came into the house we went into the kitchen and I sat down, she walked up behind “C” and slapped him in the head twice and started yelling in Spanish, when mama yells in Spanish, she is very pissed. She slapped him because he didn’t pull the chair out for me, lol and evidently she told him that I was to be his wife and he would respect me. I was so shocked that she slapped him and even more surprised when she went Latino on him, he acted like a little boy and kept apologizing to her which made her even madder because he was suppose apologize to me.

These Latino’s are damn strict and I had no idea mama would slap her son in front of me, lmao he was so humiliated and embarrassed but hey, mama raised him better than that and he embarrassed her so he had to feel her wrath. She makes me feel so good, I told her I was working out to lose weight and get in shape and she told me do not lose any weight and I was perfect the way I am. I feel more love from this woman than anyone that has ever come into my life and I feel like I am finally getting a family again.

I have no clue why I am marrying “C” but it doesn’t matter, like Cindy said I am old and cannot be choosy or picky, so hence the marriage. I don’t care any longer about love and happiness because it doesn’t exist and never will be more than it is in my life. “C” wants to have more children but it won’t happen with me and we have talked about adoption but honestly I am to old to deal with an infant again and I really do not want to raise anymore children but “C” really wants another baby so this is a problem for me.



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