Women do you know why testicles are on the outside of the body? Bet you don’t and kicking them doesn’t count. Testicles produce sperm, for sperm to mature it must be the right temperature and the testicles are exposed to cool them off to produce healthy sperm. Bike riding is not good for the reproductive system unless you purchase a bike seat that actually as an opening for the testicles to “breathe” and for women this seat helps tighten the va jj. The body requires so much more care than any of us really know.

Personally, I think a man’s testicles need care as does the va jj and I look at the body differently than most. The body when taken care of properly is a fine working machine. Do you have sinus problems, allergies then purchase a “nose bide”, you fill it with water and pour the warm water into each nostril and it comes out the other nostril. Do your feet stink? Make a batch of tea and soak your feet in each everyday for a week and the odor will disappear, this is homeopathic medicine and I am finding it to be so much better than traditional meds.

I am studying homeopathic medicine because it’s natural, safe and works better than the crap the dr.s give us. I am being to think I have celiac disease but have to see an intestinal specialist. I am always having to go to the bathroom and at times there is no warning. My nerves play a big part in it but as I have aged the problem seems to be getting worse, hence celiac disease possibly.  Got a hang over? Drink lots of water and drink white alcohol and eat eggs, eggs are filled with antioxidants and clean your liver.

Drink water and take an aspirin before you go to sleep and no hang over the next morning. These are simple health essential changes that can make your life better. Another problem women have is douching too much, vinegar is the key ingredient in douche and it dries out the natural cleansing our bodies produce. We do not need to douche and actually can cause ourselves to get infections, I haven’t douched since hell, I think I did it once or twice and that was it, our bodies produce a period to cleanse the uterus out of the dispelled eggs and the va jj has an odor that should be pleasant and inviting.

You have to be comfortable with your body and you have to accept what and who you are and no you cannot change the bodies chemistry without pills and that is all synthetic. Little girls are developing so much quicker than they used to because they are overweight. You get more insulin with weight and this throws young girls into early development, change the child’s eating habits, cut the junk, sweets and make them go out and play and expand energy.

Anti bacterial products I frown upon because you kill the good bacteria as well as the bad, use alcohol  jells during flu season but not after. Line up all of your meds and cleansers and look at their contents, bet you don’t have a clue what have the stuff inside of the product is or it’s side affects. Simple soap and water does more than the chemicals we think work better.

Have problems with acne? Toothpaste, yes a dab of white toothpaste will dry that pimple up after several applications at night before bed, we do not touch our faces as much when we sleep.

So there you have your health plug for the day, an added plus make a green drink of spinach, cucumber, parsley ginger, apple and lemon blend it and let it get cold and it is really good, dump the cola’s, limit the alcohol and you will feel differently in three weeks. It takes three weeks to break a habit and I am starting to break my habit to “him”. In fact I think he should go swim in the amazon and take a piss because there is this little parasite that is drawn to urine and actually jumps into the urine and up into the penis and enter the va jj as well, it can only be surgically removed.

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