Make You Happy

I have searched for love it seems like my entire life and all I want to do is make him happy, the man I waited for never showed up so now I am getting married because I want him out of my life so bad. I continued to let him hurt me for way to long and so I am doing what I need to so my heart can finally purge of the pain.

This is for the man I dreamed about for so long, he doesn’t exist but this is all I wanted to do

I Know

You think I am lying about “C” and I and frankly I really do not care what you think or feel any longer and if I am making a mistake you will never EVER know. I no longer care who you fuck and I no longer care if you have a gf and a kid on the way, fuck it you get what you deserve and the kid probably isn’t yours anyway but you are a stupid fuck. Giving your autograph and getting ripped off you are lucky they got caught, how did it feel? Where you happy, no? Did you feel violated? Yes and did you want them to pay of course you did.

How does it feel? Feel good to get fucked over for doing something nice for someone? Now you know how I felt and all the other’s you scammed and you are still scamming like I am surprised, lol you are a sick fuck ripping off women and hurting them. How many I wonder have committed suicide  you are a piece of shit and a low life. You use Frankie and you should be ashamed but you have no shame, no guilt and obviously no soul. “C” has been right about you from day one and even he knows you don’t give a fuck about anyone but yourself, your reputation and how much money you can make. I thought I would miss you but I know longer think so, in fact I am finally relieved that you are gone for good.

You don’t have a clue how badly you hurt me when you scammed me and yet you kept in contact with me just making things worse, not caring about anyone but yourself. Forget my name, forget my number and do not dream of me in your slumber-there is no me and there is no you there never was an us and never was going to be so G it is goodbye and no you won’t miss me, all you miss the money I was only good for sending. You play with my emotions and you are no longer welcome in my heart or life because I have chosen to be someone elses WIFE, because you are a bitch and a cunt all rolled into one.

BTW, the next time you eat your bitch, think about how many cocks have been there before you, hell you two belong together because your cock has visa stamps on it instead of your passport and you have fucked some nasty bitches but you are such a loser, real loser you never thought about who or what you have fucked.

I would send you an invitation to my wedding but you aren’t worth the 42 cents for the stamp oops maybe it’s 43 cents now but no dif you aint worth the shit I flush.