You wear a halo, you are an angel, you are gifted and one of a kind but I do not see what the fans are screaming about, I do not know that person, that face. To me you are an angel in the heart so far apart from what the world sees, you have money and grace but you know what? You are still an ass to me and all your money has made me wonder if you do not milk bulls and run from the cows-our worlds are so far apart, the collision course I will not be on because I see a man but you see a mouse.

I am not fake, I am raw and in your face, the person I know is easy to see, with a swipe of the hand I wipe away your beauty and wealth because they mean nothing to me. Your world is made of plastic and people bow to you upon the landing, you have been used and abused in your own name and people only like you because of your fame. This is no life for me, this is no life for you and I-we are of the meadow and that is where we belong. The meadow calls me home and begs me to stay, I want to go back to the meadow someday.

You find me so fascinating because I won’t take your shit, kiss your ass or want your autograph-you dream of someone real but can’t find her anywhere-you are such an ass because I have been right here. You had been looking for me for years and finally found me but do not trust yourself enough to let yourself open up and I lost my can opener but at least I tried to open you up, I really tried.

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