Ven Conmigo Level 3

Shelby is taking Spanish and she was shocked to see a picture of someone I have spoken to her about. She was so taken aback but she didn’t say anything to anybody which is kool. She is a very private person like me but she keeps her own counsel and holds everything inside. I can tell Shelby almost anything and she doesn’t brag or repeat it and that is important to me because I hate people knowing my business unless I choose to tell them. I so wish he wasn’t who he is but then we would have never crossed paths.

I do not envy him at all and sometimes I feel like I am dealing with a lost little boy, it’s hard to talk to someone on the phone and you can hear their frustration and sadness and you know they want to talk about it but don’t for the fear of being exposed. He wouldn’t change his life one bit and I can understand that and to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t change a single thing in my life because I am who I am because of what I have dealt with. I have no doubt he is happy with his life but not truly happy is it heart.

I could be wrong and it doesn’t matter if I am right or wrong because my opinion doesn’t matter and our lives are what they are. 

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