Chateau Lake Louise

This is such a beautiful place and I so wish I could spend a week here with “him”, just him and I because the beauty is just breath taking and I have never seen such beauty.


Do you have one person that has changed your life in so many ways you cannot count? Do you have one person that is constantly on your mind and you worry about? Yes, one person can change our lives in so many ways that we cannot believe they walk this earth with us and we give thanx for all they have said or done that has changed our world from black to blue? To touch another’s life is a gift that we are given to show a new way, a new path, a new hope and a new day to.

I could search the world and never replace the person you are, the sweetness you give and the words of support and kindess. You have helped me more than you will ever know and I know it means nothing to you when I say “I love you” but I do and I think you are pretty damn wonderful, the man I know. You have touched my heart like no other ever could and maybe you are preparing me for a wonderful life with a wonderful love and maybe you are preparing me for someone that will care for me as I care for you.

The possibilities are infinite with the right person in our lives and I  hope I have changed your world, if only slightly for the better.