It’s an uphill battle This life we live Hearts and flowers I shall never give I climb and climb And all I can see Is the mudslide Headed towards me A broken heart I cannot mend The loss and pain Absorb the rain Tears may flow The wind may blow But the heart has Closed for another day I lost the key I have lost my way There are no footprints In the snow No one to take my pain away xoxokimba Like · · Promot


A child of lust

Not love

A child used as

A way to control

A child that will

Have it all

She is a pawn

And I sit back

And yawn

I have heard this

Story all before

You thought you 

Were in love

But the woman 

Is a whore

The moon came about

As a tool, a control 

To tie you to this woman

This child wasn’t born 

Out of love

The woman uses her

To keep you under 

Her thumb

Maybe you have

Married this woman

Or maybe you will 


It’s so sad

That Selena 

Is used as



A wicked


Childhood Dreams

There is always one show on tv that I watch year after year because it takes me back to my childhood dreams and it makes me feel happy. It doesn’t matter that it’s a Christmas show because the storyline gives me hope for tomorrow and that your dreams can come true. I get great comfort when I think of my childhood in the early 60’s when I lived with my grandparents and there was always food, a warm bed and I was surrounded by hearts filled with love that had no boundaries.

It’s hard to find love with no boundaries and without demands to change, to be loved for yourself and not what you own, people are materialistic and they want arm candy and they want everyone else to be envious of the person they are with. People no longer walk hand in hand and just enjoy each other for the person and not the possessions. People want, want, want and they think they love comes in a pair of Jimmy’s  and they fail to look at the person as a person and nothing more.

I’m on the opposite end of perfection and I am not better than anyone else, in fact I am considered “defective” because I have bipolar disorder. People judge me by my illness not understanding that not all bipolar’s are the same and it affects everyone differently even if the diagnosis and traits of the illness may be the same. For me, it’s highs and lows and I take meds to stabilize my moods. Stress is what kicks my mood swings into motion and when I am in a low stress mode then life is good, damn good.

This year is starting off by tieing up loose ends of stressful situations and closing many doors of contention and life will be peaceful once again. This is the year of major changes and growth for me and I no longer tell people who I am bipolar until they judge me on me first. The word bipolar scares the hell out of people because it is a mental illness and those that have it are taboo. People fail to realize all of us have experienced mental illness at one time or another and depression and anxiety are examples.

No one is perfect but we fear what we do not understand and that is why people shy away from us, the mentally ill. We need love and understanding just like everyone else and we are not  monsters or evil people, we are just so misunderstood and shunned as if we were an std.