A Place

There is a place for us somewhere and I will find it one day, there is a time a for us someday and that day is soon, so very soon. I will never let my memories of your voice leave me and I will never abandon you, my friend and I pray for you everyday as if you were my own. If you do have a child love her G, just love her and if you have married or plan on it, please please please do not make that mistake but if you have I really wish you well, honestly from the bottom of my heart I want to see you happy finally.


I know I am damaged and I know I am not pretty like the other women but I care for you and have for a very long time, I love you like a brother because I do not know you enough to be in love with you. I have tried to be there for you but you obviously do not need me but I am always here for you hon, because you are my friend, my best friend. I wish you were an average man but you are not and I have to accept you for who you are but I am thankful I do not know the person the world knows.

You have a good heart and yes you were misguided and may still be but I am not perfect by a long shot and I have been so angry at you for wanting me to know who you really are because it means nothing to me. Maybe one day you will take my hand and let me show you life as it really is but you will never do that because you have too much shame and guilt. Please forgive yourself hon and even though we shall never meet I will always be there for you in sickness and health and it breaks my heart to know your sadness.

Please do what makes you really happy, stupid silly happy and quit doing what is expected of you and I am sure your mother would say the same to you. You were put here to do something wonderful and you have but you haven’t done the one thing you should be doing and only you know in your heart what that is. Follow your heart babe, be happy and I will also be happy one day, some way it will happen and I believe God has a plan for me and I shall find out what it is in due time.

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