The Man The Fool

You fell in love with the silly things she does and you fell in love during the rain, this isn’t the woman who will make you happy because she caught you off guard and she has used it against you. A child is conceived not out of love but strictly out of need. A need to own you, a need to want your lifestyle, a need to be something she isn’t and never could be, you have become her mouse caught in her trap waiting for marriage somewhere on the map. You marry because you want your child’s love and respect but this woman is truly a train wreck.

You think I don’t know and you think I am stupid but you are the one used like a puppet, she doesn’t love you the way you need, she is manipulating you with your own seed. You give her the finest gifts and house her in a mansion but what’s really sad is she doesn’t love you the way you need to be loved. You do not see her using you, you do not see the child is a tool, you must have your child in your arms and you throw away what truly charms. She will take you for a long ride and she will leave you drowning emotionally in the tide.

You make your choices for a child of what you thought came out of love, this woman has an evil side and no she is not a dove-the bird fly’s over head high above and one day when you look up you will find a huge shit fall right into your eye. Be careful, be cautious because she is stealing from you but you are too blind to see because you are in love with love not what you truly need. It is sad life has to be so painful at times but a child is used not once but twice, children are beautiful and they may run but losing what you really need is no longer fun.

I enjoy kids but there are stages in their lives that I do not like, the smell of a baby, the first smile the first hug is what makes us smile and that is true love. A child is born and is used for control, will you continue to allow it, will you continue to let more? This woman knows you wanted a daughter and no she doesn’t care who she has to slaughter, this woman controls you and knows your fears but she doesnt know you and never will.

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