James Saga

I spoke with Ry last night about James stealing my ipod and he told me that James let his step dad in the house and they both ripped me off. Ry said he told me this but I do not remember him telling me. I talked to the detective today and the prosecutor didn’t do anything because they said they tried to get in contact with me several times but I didn’t receive a single call. Ry is going to write out a statement and I will give it to Steve-the detective and he will resubmit it to the prosecutor and hopefully he will take these two pricks down and make them repay me.

They went through the house and took things worth money and things that were gifted at Christmas, karma is a bitch and both of these losers will find a swift kick in their asses, I do so hope. James texted me and told me if I didn’t give him his “thousands of dollars of clothes he was going to file a complaint against me”, I laughed and sent him a text hahahaha, can’t count either can you and try to prove his shit was here to begin with is going to be a tough sell since your legal address is on your license and then he accused me of stealing his wallet, as if what a little cocksucker this kid is.

I just cannot believe he would stay in my home knowing he ripped me off but he obviously doesn’t have a soul that is mature enough to know you do not live your life a happy person when you constantly steal from others. Someone I know is still scamming and I have no idea why because he has money already but must not be enough for him. He must want gold toilets in all of his homes and waterfalls down the walls, who knows why people are so money hungry because it never makes them happy and if you can scam and it doesn’t bother you any longer how you hurt other people then you need a reality check.

I know I am gullible and to trusting but that has been changing as you can see I am gunning for Brandin and James, the sick part is they did it the night Ry tried to commit suicide which is just sick. Even “he” hasn’t tried to get money from me for a while and maybe he can finally see I do not have any money left to send him and I am hoping I am no longer on his target list. I made some grave errors by sending money but I have learned so much from it that in many ways it was worth it because the lessons I have learned have served me to this day and I am thankful for that.

Tears For Ashes

I have been crying since yesterday and my eyes are swollen and hurting, my tears are for my dad’s ashes and how upset I am that I cannot get Doris to give me my dad’s ashes so I may put him at rest. I feel as if my dad is “floating” and not at peace and I know that is crazy but I need closure. My dad was my rock, diamond, mentor and friend and he was proud of me because he saw so many qualities of himself in me and isn’t that what makes a parent proud? I am seriously upset about this situation and I can do nothing about it but wait for our fucked up court system to work.

I take things like this to heart when most probably wouldn’t care but she isn’t family and yes she is another fucked up female that latched onto a man to support her and that is all she cared about is getting my dad’s money because he did make her life so much easier. She walked away from all four of her children and told me the judge told her to pick two kids she wanted. She supposedly told the judge she wouldn’t pick two and walked away from all of them. How does a mother walk away like that? I have turned my back on Ry for two months to get my shit together but I have never walked away from children and I never let a man keep me from my children.

 My dad didn’t like kids and that was proven long ago when he never came and visited us and he gave up Rosemary my step sister to her mom’s new husband and he adopted her because my dad didn’t want to pay child support and once again didn’t like kids. Doris walked away from her children for a man and she can lie all she wants but I know the truth. Your children MUST come before anyone else because they need their parents guidance and support and Doris never liked me or my brother and she never met my sister. My dad left my sister a small amount in his trust and she told me she could give it to my sister if she chose to and she chose not to which tells you all you need to know about Doris.

I had to see my probation officer today and I’m doing an anger management online course and once I get the certificate back to court and the judge closes my case and no more probation so that will be done and over with. A misdemeanor is no big deal, hell you get a misdemeanor if you don’t have your license on you so I’m good to go. I try to keep my private life private by not using my real last name online and it seems to have protected me pretty well, I do show up regarding Shelby’s case when she broke her jaw but you have to know how to spell my last name and most don’t even say it properly.

I am so tired today, actually exhausted from crying and I fell asleep and Ry called and I didn’t even hear the phone’s ringing which makes Ry think I am blowing him off, which I am not.  I am totally supportive of him and he is starting to realize that and that is good because he needs my support and he needs to look forward to something. I love my children and I think everyone should love their children no matter what type of relationship exists between the parents, parents should be mature enough to be able to do what is best for their children without arguing and control but people are people and focus on their own feelings instead of what is best for the kids.