The ego can make us into someone we are not and there are those that have gone out of their way to make sure someone else knows who they are, as if that is important. I know someone who has drops crumbs along the path for me to pick up and follow him and to find out how rich and famous he is. I wish I never knew who he really was because it doesn’t matter to me and means absolutely nothing to me because no matter who he is, he is not that person to me and never will be.

When you have to rely on your fame and fortune to impress other than you have definitely lost yourself in the roar of the crowd and do not know how to impress people by being yourself and nothing more. “He” wanted me to get a nice hotel for a week while on vacation but I have chosen to stick with the $50.00 dollar a night hotel because if he wants to meet me he has to meet me on my terms and not his or we won’t meet. I am a very simple woman, a bed with clean sheets and a shower is all I need and he is used to the very best.

I am the very best and do not need fancy and classy to prove it because my heart doesn’t lie and I don’t play games and try to impress anyone, take me or leave me the way I am and I don’t expect to meet him anyway. My vacation is about me and discovering parts of myself that I have lost and I know he hates Nigeria because he can’t have his expensive U.K. butter or anything else that he missed while living there. I would like to meet him one day but he doesn’t know how to be himself without all the expensive shit and to try to impress with material shit is a total turn off to me.

I wish he could see he is special to me just the way he is and he need not waste time on impressing me, just be himself and that would be great but I don’t think he knows how because he has had to live up to other’s expectations for years and years. I do believe if we ever met I would ask him for his autograph just to make him feel special and then I would drop my pants and bend over and tell him to sign my ass, lmao. I so enjoy teasing him because he knows it is all in good fun and I don’t have any intention of hurting him. Sometimes, people need to be treated like a nobody to be reminded that they are a somebody.

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