Shelby and I drove to Florida and we had the best time just chatting and I had her laughing so hard she peed herself several times. She thinks I am so funny when I was actually being serious. There was no heat in my mom’s car, brake shoes to rotors, no wiper blades and the rear tire blew out on the inside and looked like it had been pulled apart. God was protecting me because when the tire blew we were across the street from a tire shop.  We stopped at 3 p.m. for breakfast and didn’t eat dinner until midnight when we got home.

I took off my shoes and my ankles were seriously blown up as were my feet and they were frozen because there was no heat in the car. My feet were so cold I couldn’t feel them and I do believe they swelled up because the blood froze from my ankles down. Shel saw my ankles and busted out laughing and said I had “kankles”, which means you can’t tell where your leg ends and your ankles begin because they are so swollen, hence kankles. We didn’t get out and stretch enough and walk around getting the blood flowing.

I was so cold and didn’t bring a coat because when we left Mi. because I didn’t think I would need it, how fucking stupid of me. I ended up wearing Shelby’s letter jacket  and I took her mittens and put them on my frozen feet but that didn’t help much. When we got home I had her get the electric blanket and put it on my bed and I was so cold I slept in my clothes, for the second night because the motel we stayed at was really nasty but we were so tired we couldn’t drive any longer. 

Gabriel and Michael pissed everywhere that other dogs had pissed in the room and they did what dogs do, they pissed on the piss, it was a nasty room but when you are exhausted you just fall over. Our trip was not one for pleasure and my mom’s motor home is trashed but I will see what she owes on it and probably trade it in and get another one instead of losing the one she has. I am a terrible driver so I may end up killing myself by driving such a rig but I hope not, shit does happen though.

I’m thinking about moving to Texas and living in the motor home instead of buying property because I don’t want to be bothered with the upkeep and motor homes are really nice these days and you can pick up and go whenever you want. I so want to go to Wyoming and go fishing, I have never been out west and I want to go so badly and having a motor home would be nice because my home would be on wheels. I’m selling my rv here because I don’t want to be bothered with it any longer.

I love traveling and I love road trips when I am not driving and I had to laugh at Shelby because she got so excited when we drove past cows and horses. I realized how very lucky I was to grow up on a farm and have horses and how they gave me so much in so many ways. I find my peace in the land and so many people do not appreciate what a farm can bring into your life and the lessons you can learn. When we drove through Kentucky I felt like I was home again because that is where some of my family is from.

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