So How Stupid

am I mother? You always called me whore, stupid and many more names and I still tried to help you. I told my mother not to have surgery for a faulty valve in her heart until the following month but she didn’t listen. Mercury was retrograde which is why I told her no surgery for a month but she didn’t listen. When mercury is retrograde having surgery is a definite no no because you will have complications and she did, she has had two strokes since the surgery which has left hef unable to walk, write her name, affected her eye sight and communication skills.

People think I am stupid for looking to the stars for guidance but they have served me well over the years and helped me make decisions. I am a Scorpio which rules the bladder, colon, prostate gland, urinary system and the male and female sexual organs and I have tons of problems with my solid waste elimination organs. I carry my emotions in my bowels and that effects me greatly as the upset I feel at times leads me to have bowel problems. I know that my son has had problem’s with his ankles and he is an Aquarius, which rules ankles.

Our ankles and feet keep us on the move and when they reject us, we are unable to walk or run which can be devastating for some people. I couldn’t imagine having to quit playing a sport I loved because my body no longer put up with my abuse on that part of the body. I am going to have to see a dr. about my physical problems because it isn’t acceptable to not have control when it is so necessary. As long as I am not upset I am ok but when I am then the problems begin. I was talking to my bf and she has similar problems.

I am eating mostly fruits and veggies with a little chicken or fish and that helps but not enough so I will have to get this problem under control. I tore my rotor cuff and have babied that shoulder and it seems to be getting better because I willl not go under a knife. I broke my patella in a car accident that wasn’t my fault and I have had two surgery’s to repair it but I still cannot run or even jog. I have always had problems with my feet as well and that is my pisces moon acting up and finding comfortable shoes isn’t so easy for me.

So I wonder mother, how stupid am I?

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