Death Of A Conman

I think most people have been conned either by their friends or a stranger and I am no exception. This is how I met this person, he conned me and laughed at me each and every time he got more money from me. I was nothing but another stupid bitch to him and then one day that all changed, we became friends and yes I know that this is an odd way to start a relationship with someone but that is how I got connected to him.

I used to think we were soul mates but I no longer believe that and I do not regret my experience with this person and I have learned so much from him. You have to know when to throw it and when to fold it and walk away before you are swallowed in your entirety. I can see it’s long overdue for folding and I am not only folding but putting it away with the rest of the shit I need to cleanse from my life. I do not harbor ill feelings towards him but he has become the square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

I once thought we would possibly meet while I am in Nigeria but I no longer consider that even an option to waste time thinking about. There will be no room in my life for him during my trip and I can no longer hold onto coat tails that do not exist. I had convinced myself that he actually did love me but once again I was full of shit because I have led myself to believe the lie. He drops hearts for another and that is what shook me to my core and woke me up.

I will always wish him well even though he doesn’t need it but I have found when you have a good person in your life watching over you, it does help make life a bit better.  I really hope going out with Danny will help me move on from my two past mistakes but one never knows, he may be someone who I just like as a friend. It’s strange how there has been no men in my life and all of a sudden it’s men all over the damn place, not complaining nope not one.

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