Mind Games

I hate it when people play mind games with me especially when they know I have a difficult time remembering things, especially when I am stressed or pushed into a corner. I have been looking for my ninja blender for months and finally found it hidden under the kitchen sink way in the back. That bastard James did it because he was going to steal it like he did with so many other things, now my makeup is missing and has been for sometime, he’s a little fucker that is getting ready to get seriously nailed to the fucking wall.

My red leather computer bag is missing along with my macaw ring and my wedding ring and I am seriously pissed about this. My wedding ring meant nothing to me and the value is about eight grand but Shelby, my daughter wanted some of the diamonds out of it for her eventual wedding ring. He didn’t take Bob’s ring because it was way in the back of my nightstand hidden under so much shit and besides it looks like it’s been through the ringer and back.

James tried to pull shit on me about one of the ipods asking me if I had taken it into my room, the little fuck stole it and tried to play mindfuck with me. He went through my drawers through out my home and took whatever he wanted and he is such a stupid fuck that he had my wire strippers and didn’t know what they were for, to bad I didn’t put his  little dick in it and strip him of his skin. I have clothes missing, lingerie missing and personal items as well as my kitchen aid blender.

This really pisses me off because it’s a violation and I really HATE being violated. I am so private and I resent people who have such insecurities that they have to try to mindfuck me or do other immature and controlling things like hack my computer. I always know who is doing the hacking and I just go behind him and clean up and lock him out the best I can, he is quite knowledgable but he has serious control issues.

He has fucked up several of my laptops so I couldn’t get online and he has taken pics and such that he had no right to yet he thinks I am none the wiser. I do not have time for people that must control others and cannot control themselves and must manipulate to get what they want. I have to use several computers because he is always trying to get on at least one of them and he has been quite unsuccessful in getting into the one that has the important stuff on it.

I have had to go as far as opening up numerous email accounts to ensure my privacy from this ass and I am really fed up with his childish and controlling behavior. I have peace within myself finally because I no longer focus on him or spend time wondering what he is doing, if he is ok and if life is good to him because frankly, I no longer give a damn about anyone else and am focusing on my own life. Life is finally turning around for me and things are falling into place quite nicely for me.

Financially things are getting better and romantically my life is smooth sailing and I am enjoying the hell out of myself and the one I spend time with. I do not need to fuck every guy I meet to make myself feel desirable and I will not cheapen myself to use sex as a manipulator and controller of my relationships. Men will fuck anything that  has a mouth and they will even fuck a camping stove if horny enough, men want more than sex but they use sex as a way to get their needs met and an orgasm is only a temporary fix because they need mental stimulation, which isn’t that easy to find.

I do not waste time on people who rape my life through my computer or my mind and I refuse to play their game as it is wasted energy and I find that I am not attracted to the bullshit they dish out on a daily basis. I could never be involved with someone like the above described because I am not like that at all and I actually despise people who act as such. He can read every post I have ever written a million times but he will never fit into my world because he is truly one of the most fucked up, controlling, insecure people I have ever dealt with. All I can say to him is “here is a sugar titty now go suck on it for a while” and maybe you will find sweetness in your mouth but never in your life.

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