The Love Ownership

Love can be a wonderful feeling but I have found so many have a different view of what love is than I do. People say that they “love” the person that is in their lives, they love the way the person thinks of them, they love when they receive gifts from another and they place love in what a person does for them and not what they do for another. Love is so over rated and misunderstood, defined in such a wrong way for so many.

If you love someone than you should put their happiness before yourself, you must be willing to set aside your own ego, wants and desires. You should want to see that person exalted to their very best and you want that person’s happiness at all costs. If you love someone but not in love with them, then you should do all you can to  see to their contentment and you should want them to feel that “in love” feeling but most people only think about themselves.

Love can be very selfish and binding if you let it and love means so much more to me than what I see from others. I want to give my love all that they need to be happy with who they are, I want for them to be settled inside themselves and wear their skin with confidence. The sexiest thing anyone can have is confidence in themselves and even if they do not feel confident, they show the world that they are and nothing can stop them when they are on a roll.

I am so confident in my every day life but I am also quite feeling and emotional and have my insecurities as all of us do. People either love me or hate me and more likely than not they tend to love me because I am who they wish they could be in so many ways. I do  not have anything that holds me back from calling a spade a spade and I am the one that still opens door for others, help those in need and protect my friends and family with my life.

You may read my postings and think to yourself that this chick is a trip and yet I can be but what I show the world is not who I am inside. I am as delicate as a flower and as tough as titanium but when you meet me I am going to show you someone else because to show what is inside of me is to dangerous, opening up and letting anyone in is a danger as I am so damn easily hurt and take so much to heart. I give until it hurts me and I love unconditionally.

I am always involved with my spiritual side and it is the most important thing about me, at least to me. To be spiritual takes you to another plane of existence and most never delve into their spiritual side and do not possess such understanding. I really like spiritual people because they are so unique and so caring, so affectionate and giving, so understanding and helpful, spiritual people see the world as it is most of the time and that is so rare.

When I enter God’s house I feel such peace, such acceptance and understanding and I feel as if I have been covered in a veil of love that I have never felt in this world. It is my place to regroup, let go and except myself when others cannot and do not. It’s not easy being me because people so misunderstand me, not because I am difficult but because I am such a multi person and I have such few people who love me for who I am and never want me to change.

I am the first one to stand up against injustice and I am the first to tell you to shut the fuck up when you are saying things that will hurt other’s. Deliberately hurting someone is something we have all done but if you live your life just to hurt other’s than you are not in my life or my space. People think I am stupid and I wear that quite well because I am not stupid but yes I act stupid when it serves me, and men yes mostly men think I am stupid.

I so love when a man thinks he is pulling shit over me and I sit there and let them cover me, but I am so fucking fabulous at times that all I do is the “fabulous spin” and their bullshit is flung back onto them, leaving them quite confused and feeling like the fool they really are. Men try to take advantage of me all the time and yes I have been used and abused but I have learned to build my own bullshit bong and let them suck on it.

Pisces Moon Child

I have a pisces moon and I fit the description quite well, yes I do have an addictive personality so I stay away from things that can control me, I am quite psychic and I see the world differently than most. The Pisces moon child is so underestimated that we are also so misunderstood.

Pisces dance to the beat of their own drums. That’s what I love about them the most. Pisces are the reason they say, “Never underestimate your opponent.” Pisces are brilliant at creating the illusion that they’re weak prey who are subject to submission & defeat. They’ll literally make you think that you’ve gotten over on them & then BOOM! They’ll come out like the queen spider & make you regret ever underestimating them. You guys like the after-effects when someone underestimates you. You like that look they have on their faces when someone realizes THEY were the dummies for assuming you weren’t strong or intelligent! You guys live for that moment when the other person realizes they shouldn’t have underestimated you! They know they’re “different” & may even be the oddball, BUT they don’t care. And they don’t apologize for simply being “themselves” either. Pisces isn’t submissive at all. Simply not minding for someone else to take control every blue moon is not the same as being submissive. It just means that you guys don’t have to wear the pants all the time or control someone just to feel like you’re strong or worth something; you’re not arrogant enough. And that’s a GOOD thing! While everyone else is off measuring their self worth by how many people they can prey on/control, you guys are off behind the scenes doing your thing & putting your own happiness 1st. This is something other signs oughta learn how to do too. Pisces would do anything for you. When they care about you, they really REALLY care. Sure, they’re sensitive, BUT they’d rather have a heart & be called soft vs. being something they’re not just for the sake of not getting hurt. You guys love to take risks & that’s why you guys come out winning alot. Sure, you may lose when you take a risk, BUT you def. won’t ever win if you never play either! Pisces are understanding b/c they can adapt so easily to other personalities. They know how to “play the part” but not b/c they’re acting, being fake or trying to be something they’re not. No, they literally DO want to understand you & they realize that in order to do so, it requires them being able to put their egos down & step outside of their OWN box sometimes.

You guys are true romantics. Screw all the mind games & all the rules. You guys are old-fashioned & traditional in that you just want to cut out all the middle man/games & just find a good, sweet, affectionate & respectable companion. You guys are so humble & you generally look for what’s on the INSIDE to measure whether someone is worth it enough to be in your life. And that’s 1 of the best traits within you! So what, you guys daydream? Since when was that a crime? No movie is ever worth watching unless the casts/people behind the scenes had enough imagination. Some call you dumb for being so trusting. Granted, this about you may land you in the arms of horrible predators, BUT eventually you’ll hit the jackpot & find the person who was looking for a gem. That’s why you guys always have the last laugh at the end of the day b/c your relationships usually end up being solid…eventually the fish you were looking for will bite. And while all your enemies/haters are off hating on you, calling you weak & yet still maintaining “single” status, you guys are off living it up in the sunset with your REAL prince charming. What you guys bring to relationships is something the rest of the world has forgotten. While everyone else is worried about what the next person can do for them (or shallow traits), you guys never forgot the virtue in how someone genuinely makes you feel. Like Cancers, you guys trust your own emotions/instincts but at the same time know how to maintain a level head & live in the logic. You guys have that balance. You’re humble enough to still be sweet, loyal & forgiving, BUT yet hardcore enough to still have the last laugh persay some jerk really thought he’d get away with murder with you. You guys remind me of the bullied kid in highschool who everyone picked on & thought was weak. 2 years later, you not only beat the asses of all the kids that picked on you BUT you also were the ONLY 1 who actually graduated with honors, got into a top ivy league school & went on to make millions of dollars….while yet all those “bullies” are still trying to figure out how you “made it.” Hahaha you guys are awesome!

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Everyone is unique in their own way, they have their own style and they posses what others wish they had and they also wish they could show others the same thing about themselves. People so envy those that can and do say and do things that the other person only wishes they could release within themselves. I have been told that I am hilarious and outrageous and I find this to be a great compliment because I hide very little and I like to see people release their “wild side”.

When people drink they tend to loosen up, relax and expose a bit of themselves and it’s fun to watch a person unfold because people are origami and they are multi-faceted. Embracing your inner fears is a huge problem for people because we are taught to fear the unknown and our expectations can be squashed so easily. You have to be willing to expose yourself and accept that not everyone will like who you are and you just say “fuck it” and you own who you are.

I embrace my oddly uniqueness, my frankness, my willingness to expose the silly in me. I like who I am and I think I have met my other half but that remains to be seen. Within me is a person that fights every day to be herself and if others like me, great and if not, o well. Not everyone is going to like the real you and not everyone can appreciate who you show to others but that is life and that also helps to build character.



There are people in this world that have a deep connection, something unseen as their protons aline with another’s neutrons and it is electric. These people have a connection that is deeper than spiritual and they are so much more than soul mates, they are actually connected by an invisible binding material that only they can feel. It’s not often this happens but when it does it is so interesting to watch the interaction of these two people.

It is rare to come across two people who have that “shock” effect but the room sizzles and pops and the unspoken words are replaced with a jolt. The people around these two people can feel and see that these individuals are actually one yet they are contained within two bodies, heavenly bodies. These are the people we wish to model our lives after, we want what they have and we would steal it if we knew what the “it” actually was.

When we meet the “electric” we try to model our own lives after what they have and we never are able to succeed because the link isn’t one of this world, time or space but of a totally different dimension, place and space. These individuals are so envied for what they exude, what exits their very pores as if it were a new color of blood. The people’s of this world search and search for the electric jolt and they don’t even get a small shock.

They settle for what is safe, comfortable and reliable and they fear striking out on their own and they sit back and watch the world go by like a parade. They admire and they want but they choose not to get themselves involved. Some people are the engine and some are the caboose, most being the caboose pulling up the rear in hopes that someone will notice them. Do they get noticed? Good question because I have chosen to be the engine and never the caboose.

Even an engine can enter a room with a quiet entrance yet everyone will want to know who that person is because they exude such energy and their personal dynamics is drawing, alluring and quite desirable. You have to feel what you want others to see and others do see what you are feeling, people are drawn in by this special energy and they want it so bad but can never obtain it. People want to live off of others sizzle and snap because they will never have that “it” that, that person holds within them.

When you meet the “electric” you know it and there is not a single doubt that these people are unique, special and they are of a different time and place. It seems as if these people are placed on this earth to show others what is possible, what is obtainable, what is more than quite possible. It is true, I am ELECTRIC.