Last night was fun as we went out to dinner and then to see the movie “Oz”, I had been wanting to see it because I like movies with effects and even though it is a kids movie it was full of cool effects like when the lake fairies attack Oz. The movie is a spin off of the real wizard of oz and the kids sitting down the row from me were sitting on the edge of their seats, remember when you were a kid and a movie had you sitting on the edge?

It was more entertaining watching those kids than the movie but it still had its moments. It’s not often that a kids movie attracts my attention and the last one that did was Happy Feet which I saw at the Imax eons ago. It was a nice laid back evening but I was so tired by the time the movie was over I couldn’t wait to crawl into bed and fall into a blissful sleep, which is exactly what I did. It’s nice to have someone hang with you even though they have no interest in something you may be interested in.

It’s nice when someone will be with you just because they want to spend time with you even if they find that particular outing boring as hell, which was the case. I did hear a few chuckles and an occasion laugh but I do have to admit if I were to go see it again I would take a detour to Walmart’s instead. Happy feet kept my attention but Oz lacked in something that was needed to keep my eyes open and I slumped back into the theatre chair taking cat naps.

Dinner was a riot as a took my shoe off under the table and played “footsie pool” which is similar to pocket pool but you use your foot. I so love to catch people off guard and do an occasion shock affect move on them and that was what I had done and he was shocked but damn it fun watching him turn beat red and squirm in his seat. After dinner we went to the theatre and sat in the car making out like to high school sweethearts and as things got heated it was time for the movie.

We walked hand in hand into the theatre like two Cheshire cats and it was fun, fun like when I was so much younger and dumber and I enjoyed the hell out of. Life is good these days and it’s full of laughter and good times, which I so need. It’s nice to be with someone who appreciates you and gets a kick out of you, they laugh and joke, get silly but are still real with no games, lies or bullshit to deal with and that is the way I like my relationships to go.

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