Same Game Different Name

Some things never change and the bullshit is always in the air, same game different name as I call it. Pretending you are not with someone, maybe that someone is someone different, someone with a different name but you still play the same fucking game. Pretending to care what is happening in my life is lame, truly fucking lame while you hang up when she walks in the room. Sitting outside watching traffic and the people yet there is dead silence behind you.

Games people play are foolish and do not serve anybody, being upset because I chose to move to another state? Why the fuck do you even care what I do? Why do you have to know every thought, every feeling that I may have? You’re the one lieing to yourself, to her and living a hopeless, lost existence while I prefer to be honest and lay it on the line. What do you hope to  gain?? The money is gone and not so easily obtainable from this fish yet you continue to try to get me to jump up your pole into your boat.

You are a clown’s fool, a foolish man living in a make-believe land all of your own making and I will not be sucked into your cesspool of bullshit. I am a friend nothing more and never will be anything else because you are not worthy of my love, my commitment, my gifts or my talents. You will never know what I am really like because you do not have the balls to ever face me and we both know that, we play games and tell each other sweet lies but that is all there is, I am surprised you the great one has not figured out it is nothing but a game of lies.

Whatever you do, do not do anything to put your current relationship at risk, hell no you must have a woman because you do not see enough in yourself without one. Stay in a relationship that is dull and boring for all I care because you grow older by the day and you settle for so much less than you could have but that is you, play it safe instead of going for the brass ring, live in an unsatisfying relationship until you can hook up with someone else first, that’s your way-a weak man’s way.

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