I think one of the hardest things we deal with in life is truly finding ourselves and where we belong in this world and we do get lost and fall off the beaten path at times. We tend to follow our hearts and not our heads and that is where the difficulty lies. We seek answers when we should just move forward and let life unfold before us but we want so much so quickly that we do not want to accept what is given to us. Finding ourselves is something everyone goes through at one time or another and the answers are not so readily available.

We want the hard answers but we are so afraid to go after what is coming our way that we hinder our own personal growth. We just need to let God do his work and shun the devil as it is the devil that stops us from doing what we should and finding ourselves. The devil doesn’t want you to be happy, he doesn’t want you to have inner peace and he keeps your mind fogged up because he can control your misery and uncertainty.

The devil likes to play mind games and keep us confused because that is the way he works and he is responsible for the unsavory deeds we may do and he uses us as a pawn to do his work. Finding ourselves is the best defense and yes we can find inner peace and beauty if we would only let ourselves.