I put two single box springs on craigs list for 60 dollars, they were brand new and I just wanted to get them out of the house. The guy tried to get me to sell them to him for forty dollars claiming it would cost him twenty in gas, I started to get pissed and told him if sixty was too much for him then he needed to go buy brand new ones, what a fucking asshole. He shows up at my house and tries to talk me down to fifty and I told him take them for sixty or leave. 

He hands over the sixty dollars and then asks if his wife can use the bathroom and I said yes, she said no that’s ok and I told them they could go to the Marathon down the street and they had a real nice bathroom, then I closed the door. Shelby tells me a few minutes later that someone is walking up to the front door and it’s the asshole, he says he needs some rope or twine to tie down the mattresses and I told him he should have thought about that before he showed up here and home depot was down the freeway, then I closed the door in his face.

Was I rude? Absolutely, was he an asshole? without a doubt and once again here is another motherfucker wanting to take advantage of me but he didn’t get away with it and his wife was obviously embarrassed because he was such a cheap ass. I really hate people and I would be fine if I never spoke to another stranger again as long as I live because I am really tired of the bullshit and people trying to fuck me over. I am getting tougher and not playing games any longer and I refuse to give my time for free just to anybody.

I am nothing spectacular but I am nobody’s fool either, at least not any longer as I have been taught by the best how to block the bullshit kicks coming my way. I mean really, 60 bucks for two box springs and you are going to try to jew me down? Did you ever look at a couple a wonder what the fuck one of them saw in the other? Well that was the case here as I looked at his wife and wondered what the fuck he had because he was nothing to look at and he had no fucking class what so ever.

I may swear a lot and I may speak my mind but I know I am not an asshole all of the time at least and yes I will try to barter with people but I am not going to try to screw them when I can see a deal in front of me. You have to be so damn careful especially dealing with craigs list and I didn’t even let that sob in my front door, o no I had one mattress on the front porch and the other I quickly shoved out the door and there was no way I was letting him in even if his wife did use my bathroom, which she didn’t.

I am learning to stand up against the jerks of the world and stand up for myself finally and it feels damn good because I refuse to be anybody’s victim as I once was. I must say if I can’t been scammed I would still be stupid and naive and I learned so much from that set of mistakes and it has served me well in my current life. I just cannot steal from anyone and I have tried, seriously I have but I cannot do it because my conscience will not let me and I do not get off on hurting others.

I have found most people do not care who they hurt and they do not care if you lose everything you have because they scammed you, people are just fucked up and I so do not belong here and I am so sure of it. I am only here because God obviously has me do his work in the form and time he so chooses. If it were up to me I would be so fucking gone, like yesterday’s weather because I seriously hate this world and cannot stand the people in it and how they are these days.

Clean, So Very Clean

I love taking baths, bubble baths with lots of  bubbles and real hot water, I love to soak in the bath and think of so many different things. Shelby sat on the toilet and we talked as I bathed, we talked about why someone famous would go out of their way to let a “commoner” know who they are. The answer is simple, they are used to using their fame to impress people, to get what or who they want and it’s that simple, they do not know how to be just themselves and the sad thing is how much they sell themselves short by doing this.

Why wouldn’t you want someone to know the real you? Is it because you do not know who the real you is? Fame opens so many doors and I find it to be a hinderance to the famous person but they do not see it that way, yet they complain that everyone wants them for their name, fame and money. Spending time with someone famous may allow you to experience things you normally wouldn’t and that isn’t always so good and I do not want to ever experience that crap.

I find it a total turn off to have to run and hide from cameras and have to go out in cognito instead of being yourself, who would enjoy that? Well, I never will have to worry about that because I do not know anyone famous and no one famous wants to be with me so I consider myself safe. I will just continue my simple life with a long bath and be quite happy with the life I have, thank you very much.

It’s not that I don’t like nice things and places because I do but they have never brought me what I really need in my life and I know they never will. I prefer flesh and bone to material shit because I can’t make out with a nice car or clothes, I can make out and make love to a real person that wants to be loved and to love and doesn’t want to own me like a piece of furniture and that is the way most people that are well off seem to be from what I see on tv and it’s a fucking shallow life they live and the way they treat others really sucks.

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Just Awesome

I woke up this morning to the most beautiful sight, about ten deer in the backyard, Gabriel and Michael wanted to go chase them so badly but I wouldn’t let them out. I so love nature and God’s creatures and the white tail deer is an elegant beauty no matter if they are standing still or running. They were in my backyard and almost close enough to touch, how I love looking at them.


And The Day Begins

As usual there is so much to do around here, putting Shelby’s bedroom sconces back up, putting her bed together, going to the store for nuts,bolts,paint ect. and then we will tackle the garage for the sale. I have so many sockets and none of them are in a set of course so I have to go on the net and get a list of cm and regular measurements because I suck at math and can’t even look at a socket and guess it’s size. I refuse to sell my tool chest I just cannot let it go because I am a tool freak.

I heard from my friend in Texas and will be visiting him when I return from my Nigeria trip, he is going to show me the area and I will look at homes for sale in the area to get an idea of what is around there when I sell my house. I will be moving to Texas as soon as the house sells and with the market improving I hope to sell this house by the fall. I will be staying with him for several weeks to a month so I can get a better feel for the state because I cannot live another winter in Michigan.

I am so sick of waking up every morning with pain in my hips and as far as Ryan I will come to visit him and I will buy a small home here for Shelby and when I visit and if I decide to bring Ryan home for a visit he will have a place of his own. Things are moving in the right direction for me and I have finally found the path of least resistance and life is getting easier for me which is about time because it has been pretty damn rough for me as well as the kids.

I have learned that I cannot put my life on hold for anyone but myself and I am done being on hold and moving on up. Things are going to well that I am waiting for the bottom to drop out but life goes in one big circle with a series of bad years and then a series of good years and I do believe the series of good has finally come my way. I am hearing from friends of long ago, old flames and I have been meeting an occasion new person so life is good and it is getting better each day.

Once this sale is over life will be even easier as the house will be listed and possibly sell which will make all of us happy and that is a good thing. I have decided to look at houses in Monroe county which is like 3 minutes from me, the taxes are cheaper and you get more bang for your buck and it’s country, which is so me. I so love a country setting and I so love my solitude which is only broken when I have friends by. I wish I could afford to build the ranch of my dreams but that will never happen so I must settle for what I can afford.

I figure I will be able to pay cash for both homes and my pittance of a monthly income will afford me the funds to come visit when my kids feel they need me. Shelby is independent and Ryan is in the hospital so both kids are on good footing. I am so looking forward to moving on in my life and I am so ready for my vacation, yes life is good and getting better each day and I feeling pretty good about myself finally and I have done all of this on my own, no man in sight to help me or to hold me down or hold me back.