Finding The Right One

People want a mate so bad and they say they must “find” that person to be fulfilled in life. I do not believe in looking for my other half as they will come into my life when the time is right and I am ready to provide them with what they really need. A shallow woman is helpless and is looking for a man to take care of her and yes she first looks at is net worth instead of his total worth inside. I have to say almost every man who I have ever met that interested me in the least always seemed more interested in what I have than who I am.

It doesn’t matter to me what the bank account looks like as long it isn’t in the negative and I do not care if you have a six pack and a great body and you are handsome because when you need a person you do not need their money or their appearance, you need their understanding, support, love and friendship. Women get turned on by material things just like men and women want someone to take care of their every need, yes that is your average woman of today.

When you want to be happy you must have a best friend, lover, someone understanding, someone who will point out the things you refuse to see in yourself yet you still love them. A great relationship does have disagreements and those disagreements should eventually draw you closer together, not farther apart. There is also one that gives more than the other and there is always times that you get on each other’s nerves but you need these things to make a great relationship work.

People that agree to disagree and still love each other have something quite extraordinary and precious and those are the people who hold hands, steal kisses, laugh at and with each other, these are the people who are envied by so many others because they have what the world really wants. They have a real love that shines through each of them and when they are together people do say, damn I wish I had what they have. You can always tell two people who are seriously in love because they shine, they sparkle and the exude love.

I want to have exactly what I have described just like everyone else but the difference is I am willing to put the work into a relationship that most do not want to waste the time doing. I am finally excepting the fact that I am very very different from the average female and I am a person that wishes the world would mold their hearts from love instead of greed and all about “me”. You have to be willing to open yourself up to love and you have to be willing to compromise.

I am waiting for the love of my life to come into my life and he will one day, when the time is right and when God says it is time. I am a believer in good and I am a believer in love and honoring the one you love but I am also a believer of never blowing smoke up the person’s ass that you love. I do not believe you need to tear someone down to hurt them because there is so much hurt already in the world and I just want to be happy like everyone else but on a completely different level.