Think of ascension as the process by which you eventually transform your material desires and habits, thoughts and emotions, into the spiritual desire and pursuit of liberation and God-realization. This takes place through a series of initiations, as you climb the initiatory ladder through the various planes, you eventually ascend in a full merger with the I Am Presence, , while still here on Earth. You don’t have to be perfectly healthy to ascend, or completely free of all negative emotions or ego and the lower self.

It is said you have to balance only 51% of your karma to ascend. You’ll feel similar to the person you were before, but you will be operating at a higher octave and carrying more Light. You’ll be more connected to spirit and to the Ascended Masters. In times past, when people took the initiation in which they had the full experience of ascension, they usually left their bodies and went into the spiritual world. However, nowadays people ascend and continue to serve on Earth in order to help bring in the New Age.

Even those at lower level initiations who are unaware of the initiation as it happens, or who don’t think of themselves as “spiritual,” are open to finding their life’s purpose and trusting their intuition.

Here are some signs that you could call “symptoms” of ascension:

You feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. You are easily touched and can cry over any heartwarming moment, even a commercial on television. Try to stay present with your emotions and feel them fully, allowing them to pass through you with ease. You feel a stronger connection to nature.

You may like animals you never liked before, or appreciate even the coldest winter. You may feel like a yo-yo in your energy levels. One day you can barely crawl out of bed, while another day you feel like you’re walking on air and bouncing off the walls. Don’t worry. It will stabilize. This can include unusual sleep patterns, and your dreams may be very intense. You may develop food intolerances, allergies, or crave strange foods. Listen to your body and trust it. Remove offending foods and then try them again in a few months. You become more aware of synchronicities in your life. Appreciate the guidance you are getting from these signs and messages. You may have body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder, and back, which are the result of intense changes in your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens in you. You may feel called to change your job or career. You may feel lonely, even in the company of others.

Don’t let this cause you anxiety; it’s just difficult to relate to others at this time. You also may feel like you’ve lost your passion. You simply need to shut down for a while in order to upload the new Christ-seed energy. You may feel slightly disoriented and even feel a loss of identity. Who is that person in the mirror? Don’t worry; you are okay. You feel a deep desire that is hard to explain to go “home.” We all evolve at our own pace. Ascension is not a competitive sport. Each of us must go through all the levels, all the initiations, on our way back “home.” So as you celebrate the beginning of Spring and the holidays that give us such deep symbols of spiritual growth and freedom, take a moment to feel gratitude for being on your own journey of ascension!


Stay Please

Most people have stayed in a relationship out of fear, fear of losing material possessions, fear of never having anyone to love us, fear of going it alone. While we are staying in this type of relationship, we are cheating ourselves as well as the person we are with. We begin to pick that person apart in our minds and then we begin to verbalize it, which is actually a form of abuse. We pick out every little thing that bothers us or annoys us and we start to put the person down. 

Both individuals know when the relationship is heading south and some pretend everything is fucking hunky dory, when the fact is everything sucks for both people. People that are afraid to let go of what doesn’t make them happy begin to build resentment and they begin to really hate the other person. It’s so much easier to find fault in your mate than to admit to yourself the relationship no longer fulfills your needs and that is how people get hurt and why they are so damn vindictive.

I would rather someone sit me down and tell me that they are no longer happy with me than to have them pick me apart and make me feel like I am the problem when the fact is both of the parties are the fault to some degree. I would rather have someone tell me that they have outgrown the relationship with specifics than to stay and pretend life is grand. We stay in situations that are no longer rewarding and that includes friendships, jobs, homes ect. and we must let go of what no longer is in our best interest.

It is hard to walk away but it’s even harder to stay and to pretend that we are happy. It’s so damn hard to follow our hearts because we are so afraid of so much in this life. I would never stay in a relationship that wasn’t fulfilling and I did stay in a marriage for years and I was so miserable and lonely and I began to hate him for it. I am no easy one myself but if you can understand what I have experienced in life than you can understand why I do the things I do.

Don’t stay in a situation that makes you wonder, question or unhappy and do not let anyone take your thunder because all of us deserve to be happy and if you are the one staying in an unhappy relationship then you must come to terms with the situation and do what makes you happy, even if you must hurt someone else. Sometimes, we are in a relationship that fizzles, no one’s fault it just happens and when it does we must let it go and move on, doing so with grace and respect for ourselves as well as the other person.

They Say….

People think I am weird, crazy, zany, dillusional and sometimes so damn accurate I am scary. Yes, I am psychic, and yes I am all of those names people call me and I wear them all quite well, thank you very much. I have learned the secret to true happiness and it is not being in love or wealthy and definitely not famous. Happiness is something we all strive for and we look in all the wrong places and I am guilty as well but I finally found it, how to get it and how to keep it.

It is no secret but a simple equation of love of self and putting our troubles in God’s hands, so you do not believe in God? That’s fine as long as you believe in a high power and you know that acceptance of self is the key and God is the lock. The two fit together quite nicely and when you have the two, then and only then will you wake up looking through your inner child’s eyes. Letting ourselves be child like is what makes us the happiest, think about it-the melting ice cream cone, the sticky cotton candy, being silly are all part of what are inner self is made up of.

I would rather walk in the rain and jump into mud puddles than to be at an elegant event, I would rather share a simple meal with a friend than to eat at a fancy restaurant with a guy that turns me on, I would rather share a laugh and a giggle with a good friend than to ride around in a Mercedes. It’s prioritizing our lives in the simpliest of form that brings the most happiness to us and when we accept ourselves as we are and do not let other’s negative influence harm us is when we smile.

So who’s with me? Let’s walk in the rain and jump in the puddles, share a simple meal and laugh for days……..