Just A Mom

When a woman says she is “just a mom” she is not giving herself the credit she deserves because a mom is everything rolled into one. A mom gives until it hurts and she keeps on giving and she loves her family and defends them to the bitter end. A mom is a chauffeur, cook, maid, friend, disciplinarian, encyclopedia and so much more and a mom thinks of her kids day and night. My children are not home for Easter so I sent Easter to them in a box, I bought tons of candy and put a typical I love you note in the box before I mailed them yesterday.

Neither child of mine is expecting to receive anything from me so it will be a great surprise for both of them, I put Shelby on the plane with homemade chocolate chip cookies and her own credit card along with some cash in hand. Ryan, well we haven’t spoken in a week and it is needed for him to get his shit together and change his nasty attitude towards me. I haven’t decided if I will visit him on Sunday or not but just in case I do not I have sent him a box of goodies as well.

I think with the sun coming out more that will help his attitude because sunshine makes a world of difference in our outlook on life and when you live in the eastern portion of the states a lack of sun really puts a lot of people into seasonal affect disorder. The sun gives off vitamin D and so much more and it helps to balance us emotionally as well as physically. I am into all types of healing, emotionally as well as physically. I search for answers online, through the stars and God and I do find what I am looking for eventually.

People think I am weird, strange and just a odd duck because I do believe and search out information in what others think is the strangest places. Being physic does help me but sometimes I am so damn accurate I scare the shit out of myself. I have telling dreams and answers come to me in my sleep, truth pours out onto to the table and the things I do not want to know come to me regardless, I tell friends things and they believe me because I do not hand them a line of shit, just the truth.

I am loving myself more each day and I am happy, damn happy and it is strange because I have been so unhappy for years. I think my trip has a lot to do with it because I am going for myself, yes I am going with my heart and mind open to experience new lands and people, meet friends and share myself and my knowledge that may be in need of it. No, I do not have a ph.d but I do have an elevated understanding of how life works and how to change my world from empty to overflowing.

I am so damn bubbly, champagne cannot even compete with me and I am smiling and laughing and feeling so damn good it should be a crime to be this happy with oneself. I am a very deep person and I have a heart that is so big nothing can contain it. I am a giver, a lover of life and a lover of self and that is the secret to being happy, really happy and I am infectious and make me people feel so much better and they laugh and smile and we have a great time.

If you need a lift come play with me and I will show you how to be happy but you have to do the hard work as I can only show you what makes you happy, you have it all inside of yourself and all you need to do is cut the locks and let yourself enjoy the child within, let yourself open up to the peace that surrounds you and teach you about inner self love and acceptance. Let me make your world one of a smile, a laugh and let me show you how to lift the weight from your heart and to be the person you are truly meant to be.

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