What The World Needs Now

The world is so full of hate, anger and greed and we do not have enough love, we do not share love and we do not give love to those that need it the most. We look at the man sitting on the side of the road with a sign asking for food or work and we drive by, we see children dirty and wearing torn clothes and we drive by, we see an abandoned dog and we drive by. There is just to little love in this world and those that have it hold on to it as if it were a precious metal.


I have so little to offer the world but I do have love a plenty and I want to share that with the world, I want to leave this world a better place, more love, more understanding, more selfless acts of kindness. I feel so lost in this cesspool we cal our world and I feel like I am out of character, out-of-place, out of sight and I feel as if no one can see me, the real me. I am so far from perfect and I have made some very grave errors in judgement in my life but I still believe in love and sharing it with the world.

I have a huge back of candy canes, and bubble blowers for the children, the random children I shall meet on my trip to Nigeria. I am so happy when I can make a child smile, laugh and feel giddy, it’s such a small thing I can do that can change a bad day for a child but that is me, wanting to share my world with others so badly in a good way. I am not the least bit greedy or self centered and I would give the shirt off my back to anyone that needed it and maybe that is considered stupid but that is my way.

I want to help so many but I do not have the means to do so but I have knowledge, knowledge that I would love to share with those that need it. I am not a movie star, scholar or anyone important to anyone else in this world but my heart is open and it is giving. I am seeking to quiet that little corner of my being that is confused and lost at times, yes even I have those moments of melancholy and loneliness and I just want to make another person smile, laugh and happy if only for a moment.

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