The warmth of someone’s hand can take away the pain so easily, I so wish he was he and had his hand on my hip so the pain would subside, but he isn’t. Everyday, I wake up with such pain in my hip I can hardly walk. The pain lasts for hours and I can do nothing about it, this Michigan weather really leaves me in shambles for hours on end and I hate it so. It’s going to be another day of cleaning, painting and making repairs to the house, by myself just doing the best I can.

I feel pretty good other than that but the dark circles under my eyes make me look like a fucking reverse racoon. I do not know why I have them because I am sleeping well and feel pretty good otherwise. I found an attachment from someone I do not know, a guy holding his hardon, wtf? Why do people I do not even know send me shit like that? Maybe it was meant for someone else and I was dialed by mistake. I have one picture of a guy holding his hardon up with his thumb and I don’t even look at his cock, I look into his eyes, those mischievous eyes.

I laugh everytime I look at the picture because, well it’s funny the expression on his face, part embarrassment, part pride, part look at this bitch, lol. I enjoy watching men masturbate, don’t know why, just do and some eyes have a look on their face like they’re going to beat that bitch like a rug, lmao. Men can be so damn cruel to themselves and I feel sorry for their cocks because damn, if anyone if played with my like that I would be a walking bruise,roflmao.

I realize it’s about friction, tight hold and a quick speed going up and down that builds the excitement but really men, let’s be a little gentler with your cock or the poor thing will fall off. lol