Walk Closely

I am not one to preach religion and no I do not proclaim to be the best I can be quite yet and I am definitely not better than anyone else. I walk closely with God and I try to live my life the best way I know how without hurting others. I believe that we must live from the heart and do good to and for others and I believe that I have numerous faults but I try damn hard to  be a good person. I have never given up hope that I can make things better for others in some way.

I believe my time on this earth is to help others, show them a new way and give them renewed hope that life can and will be better. I try to stay positive and when the negative tries to take over my life I shun it as quickly as I can and sometimes that happens immediately and sometimes it takes quite a bit longer. I refuse to carry malice in my heart and I have turned my back on hating and revenge and I will no longer entertain such thoughts as they only hurt me.

When you experience a tremendous amount of loss in your life your entire view changes and you can either be very bitter and angry or you can let that go for a pure heart with good intentions. I refuse to let anyone jade my life and I refuse to let rejection take me down and destroy my self image. I am one with myself finally and that is when life began to change, life began to get easier and I feel so much lighter, so much more carefree. I have learned to help those that will help themselves and I no longer let people trample me.

I used to be so damn angry but that is now gone and all I carry within my heart is love and understanding for those that are lost and confused as I once was. I no longer judge so harshly and I know longer seek revenge on those that have hurt me so. My life is good right now and I thank God everyday for where I am because it is of his grace that I try to walk and I do not blame I accept the challenge to let go and to move on and that is exactly what I have been doing.

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