Just A Thief

In 2009 I was not stable in the least and I had filed for divorce, at the time I was not thinking straight at all and hired a web designer to build me a site. I cashed in my 401k and gave that bastard thirty grand and yes I realize what a stupid move that was. He has yet to give me a damn thing for my money so I am suing him and now my attorney tells me I need someone with a ph.d or better in computer design because this asswipe has a ph.d. He flaunts it like it makes him a better person but the fact is he is a damn thief.

He is fighting the suit which is fine because in the state of Michigan if I win and I will he will have to pay 3x my investment. If he would have given me what I paid for I would have had an income coming in besides my disability but once again I have legal problems brought on by my own stupidity. Everytime I get financially ahead I have a major setback and I could cancel my trip to Nigeria and pay for the expert but I am hoping I will get enough from the sale of my items in my home to cover the bill.

I am so tired of having to fight to get back what is rightfully mine and I have walked away from other legal battles just for peace but I cannot walk away from this fuckhead because he is a damn thief. I wish I had the knowledge to  screw him over like he has me. Here’s his profile http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=30578300&authType=OPENLINK&authToken=snxR&locale=en_US&srchid=32fd9a9c-41eb-4d2e-84c1-ec74949aaae2-0&srchindex=10&srchtotal=88&goback=%2Efps_PBCK_*1_Anthony_Haddad_*1_*1_*1_*1_*2_*1_Y_*1_*1_*1_false_1_R_*1_*51_*1_*51_true_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2_*2&pvs=ps&trk=pp_profile_name_link check this asswipe out, he is such a piece of shit he makes me sick and he is so damn paranoid that I am hacking him, which I am not and do not know how to but this guy has fucked over more than myself I am sure. I wish I could make his life as uncomfortable as he has made mine but I am not like that so I use my attorney to cause this ass a headache.

It’s going to cost me about 5 grand to hire an expert with better credentials than asswipe has and that hurts right now because I do not have any disposable income. I wish I could sell my mom’s property and my rv and I would be doing better. It seems everytime I turn around someone has their hand out and Scott my attorney has cut me some financial slack and not billed me as much as he could have. Scott is a damn good person first and foremost and then a damn good attorney, I love this man because he is such a warm, caring person.

I Like It

I once had a great astrologer but she passed so I searched and found astrologyzone.com which I find to be quite accurate and somewhat reliable









Keeping It To Myself


A few weeks ago I met Daniel and what a character he is-he came to the states from Macedonia and he is quite entertaining and fun to be with. I haven’t spoken about him because I didn’t want to get to excited about someone new until the feel was comfortable and it is quite comfortable. His appearance is everything I want in a man as he is 6′ tall, long, shoulder length blonde hair and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen and I thought they were contacts when we met.

He is a baker, yep he owns a bakery and I literally ran into him at Eastern Market downtown. My hands were full of goodies for some great dinners and I was walking to fast around a corner and ran right into him, lol, I can be so damn graceful sometimes. He asked me what I was planning on making and I told him and then he told me he was a baker and wow we hit it off great as we stood their chatting and he helped me pick up my items. We went to greek town and had lunch and things progressed from there.

He invited me to his bakery after hours and we had a blast, seriously it was so damn fun as we made sweets and threw flour at each other. I tasted some of his delightful sweets and we shared a cannoli and he ended up kissing my face, which was covered in flour. The kiss turned into something that was so damn sensual my friggin toes were curling and I haven’t had that feeling in so long it was surprising. I so wanted to have sex with him right there on the work table but that isn’t me.

I so wish I could shut off my mind and follow my body but I do not do that and we ended up having dinner and a grand time. I didn’t think I would meet anyone that made me tingle all over but I have and it feels damn good for a change. I am seriously debating if I should have sex with him before I leave for Nigeria and I am not so sure I want to hit it and then be gone for a month because that could make my trip physically hard on me. When you have sex with someone that pretty much says there is a commitment on my side.

He is a damn hard-working man who is so damn sexy and hot he makes me crazy in a good way and I so love running my fingers through his soft hair and looking into his eyes. He pinned me against the wall and held my arms over my head as he slowly kissed my neck and around my ears and then my cheeks and wow what a great kisser he is. He makes me so damn wet I am dripping even thinking about him. This is working and it’s about time I let a man into my life and he seems to be someone I am enjoying.

When he had me pinned he ran his hands over my breasts and damn my nipples were rock hard and wanting him so bad I had a hell of a time containing myself. He is well off financially but doesn’t flaunt it and you wouldn’t know it unless you saw his home. He drives a suburban for work because he goes to the market and does his own shopping because he is so picky on the foods he uses and eats. He has a Mercedes that he goes out in but I have told him I prefer the suburban and he thinks that’s pretty cool because his shit doesn’t turn me on.

He has to help me out of the suburban because I am so damn short and could break a leg getting out of it and he is so thoughtful and damn fun. We went for a picnic today even though it was a bit chilly and it was so fun, so simple and so relaxing. We are going to go fishing when I get back from Nigeria and we will see where things are at that time. I have come to realize that holding a candle for someone I shall never meet does no good for me and only makes me sad so I am snuffing that candle and setting that man off to sail the seas.

I do hope he is happy and I do love him but one cannot love someone who isn’t in front of them so you can show them how you feel so it’s all good because he won’t miss me anyway and I am nothing but a friend to him and that’s all I shall ever be to him. I harbor no ill feelings towards this man and I wish him well and hopefully he will find the woman of his dreams sooner than later but if he doesn’t he has all the material shit to keep him happy for awhile.


Aries New Moon

Conscious Creators: The sizzling Aries New Moon on April 10 can feel like the real start of the astrological New Year. The Sun (will) and Moon (emotions) unite to seed our next thirty-day cycle. Aries being our first zodiac sign empowers us to be bold, courageous and blaze new trails. This New Moon holds the promise of a fresh start, new beginnings and breakthroughs. What are you creating? The New Moon is action packed. Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus are in Aries. The fire power of this planetary combination is unstoppable. We put our passion, heart and mind into our dreams, desires and goals. Success will be experienced by those who do not allow their fear to eclipse them. “Each moment is a rebirth; an opportunity for a new beginning.

Make it matter. ” ~ Ivo/Lisa Dorr The Aries New Moon validates that we are in the New Paradigm. We are moving from duality consciousness to triality consciousness. For instance, duality is thinking (right/wrong, good/bad and win/loose.) Triality thinking is where we move to a third position that is open and inclusive. For instance, the Age of Aquarius is the Age of the Woman. This does not imply that we will be moving into a matriarchal society from our patriarchal society. Instead, we are moving into a world where we are balanced in both our Mars (male) and Venus (female) energies. One is not better than the other. Man is not greater than woman. Alpha (Father God) is not greater than Omega (Mother God.) In truth, we are both. For instance, men are masculine on the outside and feminine on the inside. Women are feminine on the outside and masculine on the inside. This is Jungian psychology. For thousands of years, the male energy has been out of balance at the expense of our personal evolution. This has cost us millions of lives and our ecosystems. For instance, greed, domination and war are perversions of the male energy. The LOVE/Light energy pouring down from the heavens is the Goddess energy.

As a result, more and more people are awakening. Many people are stepping out of fear creating an authentic life. Many people are walking way from war and killing. Many are realizing that there are better solutions to our differences and problems. To kill another is to kill Self. To destroy any part of life is to destroy Self. We are all connected. All Are One. The New Paradigm emerging is causing chaos within and without. Anything less than Truth and Love is breaking down. I am noticing that many clients are struggling with their core fears. Some clients know that it is time to change everything. Yet, they are unwilling to release their lifestyle and/or present level of income. Even at the expense of their health, well-being and vitality. This generates more fear. Fear is (false evidence appearing real). What happens when you have one foot in the boat (new life) and one foot on the dock (old life)? Yes, your butt ends up in the water. We don’t have to know how the future will work out to move forward. We are being asked to have courage, faith and trust. We can begin a new life, new career and new relationships. These can be better than our wildest imagination. The ego goes into fear because it can’t control what is happening. Control is an illusion.

The only thing we can control is our response to what is happening. The ego is going into fear because we have never been here before. We are charting new territory. So, when the ego pulls up past experiences that are fear based to understand our current experience. This too is an illusion. The past does not equal the future. In other words, we cannot define what is happening now from what has occurred in our past. We are creating the future by the choices we make today. Will you choose love or fear? You are a powerful creator. Yet, we must own our power. We must be the authority of our lives. When the ego thrusts you into fear, ask yourself, “What evidence do I have to confirm my assumptions?” You know the “What if’s?” Instead of “What if” thrusting you way out into the unknown future. Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of today?” Answer zero.

Our power is in the present. The future will take care of itself. The past is history. It is time to be brave. For instance, you can’t make a decision because of fear. Ask, yourself, “What would I do if I was not afraid?” We must empower others to empower ourselves. We empower others through our example. “The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!” ~ Camille DesMoulins, French revolutionary, 1790 I can’t remember the last time we had such an awesome Aries New Moon. I went back years and can’t find a better one. Action Hero Mars, Aries ruling planet is a team player at the lunation. This New Moon has gifts for everyone. Wherever Aries falls in your natal birth chart is where the universe is giving you a fresh start. This energy is positive, uplifting and fearless. The universe wants us to leave the past behind. We are to give birth to the new life, the new paradigm and the New Earth. This is a wonderful energy to start a new life. This is an excellent time to begin a new business, career and love relationship. The divine lovers, Venus and Mars are coupled at the New Moon. We don’t want to allow our fear of failure or success to hold us back. Our life is not an event it is a process. Sometimes we get “it” wrong or fail. This is good thing. failing shows us where we no longer need to put our time and energy. Knowing what we don’t want is part of getting to where we most want to be in life. We can get scared when we are trying something new.

This is natural to be afraid. For instance, I am traveling to Europe to do my workshops in Italy at the end of April. I have never been to Europe. Yet, I am not allowing my fear to stop me from going to the next level of my personal evolution. Powerful Pluto is the higher octave of Mars. Pluto turns retrograde April 12 through September 20. Mars is our personal will. Pluto is our divine will. Pluto wants you to make real changes. Superficial changes will not suffice with Pluto. Like Saturn, Pluto shows us our limitations. Pluto retrograde reveals our blind spots. For instance, where we are unconscious in what we are doing. You know, when you find yourself saying, “Why didn’t I see that?” The more Self-aware we are. The more we can dig deep and use our power (hidden resources). Saturn and Pluto are in harmonious energy flow at the New Moon. We are to own our power (Pluto) and authority (Saturn). We are to be the conscious creators of our reality and world. For instance, the ascension is an expansion of consciousness. The ascension raises our vibration. When your vibration increases, the people closest to you may no longer be in harmony with you. We want to seek out our soul family. Those who are of like/light mindedness. People who will “get” you and love you for who you are. Real love is seeing people for who they are and not making them into what we want them to be. Controlling those we love is fear. It is duality consciousness.

These are karmic relationships and not our soul mates. There is a Yod (finger of God) pointing to Jupiter in Gemini at the Full Moon. This Yod involves the heavyweights — serious Saturn and pernicious Pluto. Creator is saying to us. “Cleanse and purge your life of self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and attitudes.” Remember that, we create our reality with our thoughts, words, feelings and actions. What do you want to create? Take charge of your mind and life. We end March with the Sun in Aries challenged by Pluto. Resistance is futile with purging Pluto. We are to move from breakdown to breakthrough. We may need to make radical changes in our lives. Where ever things are not working well. Keep the faith and trust that a new and better life will replace the old. Remember that, these planets only take that which is obsolete. They will not take what you need for your personal evolution. In fact, the main purpose of the Libra Full Moon and the Sun/Pluto transit is to empower you. So that you are ready to receive the positive creative changes that can take place now.

Clean out the closets in your home and in your mind. Use the Libra Full Moon to clear out the past and to get organized. In this way, you are sending a powerful message to Creator. You are letting the universe know that you are ready for the new opportunities that are coming into your life. We are in the new paradigm. Creating wealth and manifesting our heart’s desire will require us to live from our Soul-Self. We are to come from love not fear. We are to release and let go. Our soul knows that the best is yet to come. Make sure you are sleeping, resting and taking time for yourself. These powerful ascension energies raising our vibrations can be exhausting at times. Take a time out when you need it. Come back re-energized. Get ready for action in April. “Is it reality, or is it not reality? All things are reality. Even if only one is imagining it, it is a reality in that the thought has been offered and someone, who has the ability to translate that vibration, will perceive it. It must be fair to say that anything that can be perceived must be reality. Because, as creators, your reality depends upon what you are willing to imagine and allow.” ~ Abraham

reference kelly risano