New Day Old Dreams

I keep dreaming this same dream over and over and it’s very unsettling because I cannot figure out the meaning of it. I walk into my hotel with a man without a face follows me, he sits down and we start to talk and I excuse myself to use the restroom. I change into a lovely piece of lingerie and reenter the room. I can feel the surprise on this man’s face but I cannot see his face as I walk up to him and tell him to remove his clothes and I can feel is shock and he begins to smile.

I can see his smile but not his entire face and he begins to disrobe, obviously thinking he is going to get laid which he is not. He strips down to his boxer-briefs and I tell him to lie down on his stomach after he removes his briefs, which he does and he is not one bit shy. He lies down and he his long legs reach the end of the bed with his feet hanging over the edge. I walk over to the bed and I have some wonderfully fragrant massage oil in my hand and I sit down at the edge of the bed.

I pour the oil on his foot and I begin to massage his feet and toes, slowly using my thumbs on the sole of his foot, I use my thumbs to massage up his lower leg working the muscles in his calf and then I do the same to his other leg. His legs are almost together and I ask him to spread his legs and he moves them apart slightly and I tell him further apart, which he does and I begin to massage his thighs once again using my thumbs to loosen the muscles and I do the same to the other leg.

I am generous with the oil and drip it onto his ass and I begin to massage his ass cheeks and lower back and he begins to moan in pleasure. I pour more oil onto the center of his back and continue the massage up to his shoulder blades and I begin to use my elbow to release the stress from his muscles. I can hear his soft moans of pleasure and I ask him to turn over and I massage his chest, waist and down his legs, he is to relaxed to get a hard on and that is my goal, to totally relax his body and his mind.

The sexual anticipation is gone and he is enjoying my touch as I release the demons of stress from his body and I am massaging each one of his toes to his pleasure. I ask him to lie on his side which he does rather slowly because he is so relaxed. I massage his upper thigh and hip and begin to massage his balls which gives him an instant erection and I begin to massage his full hard cock as I drip more oil onto his ass and begin to massage his ass, working my finger slowly into ass as I stroke his cock.

As I massage his cock and enter his ass he begins to moan loudly as my finger is quite lubed up and searching his internal pleasure point. As I am massaging his front and back he cannot hold back and his cum shoots across the room at super sonic speed and I continue to pump his cock until there is nothing but cum droplets left. I leave the him totally expelled and head to the bathroom to get a warm cloth to clean him up as he lies there exhausted and I return placing the warm cloth on his limp cock and I wash him clean.

He lies back putting his hands behind his head telling me how much he enjoyed the evening and he asks me to lie next to him, which I do placing my hand on his chest and my knee on his hip and we talk very slowly and I drift off to sleep, never seeing his face. I do not know why I cannot see his face and it doesn’t make any sense to me but it is such a relaxing dream that keeps coming back to me and it leaves me so relaxed and feeling fulfilled for a time.

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