Finally, I received my visa and passport back today and I was really starting to worry because there was one stupid snafu after another. First, the embassy didn’t receive my payment even though I had proof they did, then the passport company fucked around for days straightening that out then the mailed it to me without my street address which took another day to straighten out and then finally fedex delivered it and left it in my garage when it said they left it at the door.


I was sweating bullets wondering if I were ever going to get the proper paperwork but I did and yes I have all my shots, like a dog and now I have my global entry interview on Wed. and I hope that goes smooth and I get it and I am done and ready except for packing. I have to go back to court on Monday to be removed from probation and then I am finally free as a bird to do as I wish. The auction of my items is this coming weekend and I will shoot up to the rv in hopes of getting a buyer.

I so wanted to show “him” the rv and spend time there but that won’t happen because he stays elusive and doesn’t appear to want to meet me. I can do nothing about that except cut him loose and enjoy the hell out of my vacation. I am so looking forward to getting away and regrouping myself and I so hope to put to rest some things that have bothered me for way to many years to count. My life if written in book form is stranger than fiction and no one would believe that so much shit could happen to one person.

Life is for the living and I am alive, vibrant and so ready for new experiences and maybe one day real true love but as of yet that has been like a hummingbird fluttering in my face only to dart off when I attempt to grab it. My tattoo is a symbol of that and I really love it because it is so well done.