Some People

To busy to creep on me today? Awwwww, to fucking bad you son of a bitch and btw, hacking my email is really a low fucking move so guess what asswipe, I have any emails I want private sent to a different email that is used for that purpose alone and I use a different computer to check it, hahahahaha, think I am that fucking stupid do you? Think again, you can never play a player remember I learned from the best and improved on the knowledge, MR. CREEPER


I went to court today and I am officially off probation and that case is closed, I am not going to have to deal with anymore legal shit for a long time except my suit against t-tech solutions. That piece of shit is going to repay every fucking dime and pay my attorney fees as well. I am finally through the hurricane of my life and things are now quiet and peaceful once again. The estate sale will be this weekend and I hope I can pull in enough to pay off Scott, my attorney.

I do not plan on getting much probably not even 5 grand for all my shit but that is life and at least the house will be emptied out of all of the things Bob and I purchased together. I need to do this to move on and I need to lighten my load so I can move as I so please without “shit” holding me down. I want to get this house up for sale before I leave for Nigeria but I do not know if that will be possible or not but it sure would be good to sell this house and move.

I have a realtor coming tomorrow and I am going to list the house, she told me inventory is down and big homes have been moving so I might just lucky and sell quickly. I am giving my daughter power of attorney to take care of my stuff when I am gone and if a good offer comes in she can sign the documents and the house will be sold. Other people’s money is in my astrological chart very strongly this month and that is always good when you are selling stuff.

If all goes well I will be moving to Texas sooner than I thought and setting Shelby up here as well, Ryan isn’t going any place soon so I do not have to worry about him for a while at least. I do want to bring him home but not until we can communicate better and he learns to fly straight. His shitty attitude has pushed me away once again and I will not let him be mean to me or blame me for his lot in life and he has to learn that if he doesn’t respect me then we cannot have a relationship.

He seems to think he has the right to do what ever the fuck he feels like but he is wrong and that will never happen on my watch. I love my son but I refuse to be his doormat and he has so much going for him but he just cannot see it at this time. He thinks he won in court today and then he realized he isn’t any closer to getting out of the hospital than he was before. The court granted him the right to have contact with Katie and Kristy and Kristy said before she didn’t  want  anything other than a superficial relationship with Ryan.

If Katie takes him then she is a damn fool as she has 3 small boys under the age of five and after Ryan trying to kill me that alone would keep me from wanting him in my home but Katie is so into hurting me that she probably will take Ryan in and if he kills one of her kids, well then that is on her shoulders. Katie, the worker is going to make it very clear where Ryan is mentally and if the girls want to have a relationship with him, then so be it but I am out of the picture.

I love my son but I will walk away from him and never look back because of the way he is and what he did to me, I will never let him hurt me physically or mentally again so I am not going to talk to him at all and I am writing him off because it’s the only way I know how to deal with the situation for now. I cannot get on that plane soon enough next Monday and I cannot wait to be free of all the bullshit that upsets me everyday of my life, maybe I am a terrible parent but I have to save myself before I can save anyone else.

My head is so far up my ass I thought tomorrow was Bob’s birthday, the 16th I have no idea what I was thinking because I will be in Nigeria on his birthday and once I check into my hotel I am going to ask Frankie to take me to a church to light a candle for Bob. It’s going to be a really strange day filled with sorrow as well as happiness and I will be up and down emotionally because it is tough for me and I feel bad that he is gone but then I also am relieved so that makes me really fucked up, right?