you wish I was sucking your dick right now? LMAO you could never pay me enough you
sick fuck, creeper go creep on someone else you are so fucking twisted and a stalker, does it make you feel like a man to stalk me what’s wrong isn’t your money green enough for your groupie bitches, you have to fuck with a fat old lady instead?

You will never meet me so go the fuck away will you already?

Do Me

A favor, ya you the one reading this go get a big mirror and stand in front of it and you will see your head up your ass, insert to fingers and pull your fucking head out of your ass you damn fool.

My name is not kimmini as you had changed it on my mini laptop, what the fuck is up with your twisted brain anyway. R you so fucking bored that fucking with me is your entertainment?
I hope you realize this is not normal behavior for a person especially someone of your standing in life. Go on now and find someone to make your silly ass smile and laugh, go be happy you fuck.


Why do you follow my every move? Do you have any idea how creepy you r? What is it you want from me? I have nothing and you know it so go away, shoo like a fly and quit creepin on me.

What’s wrong, being rich getting boring to you, cant find any entertainment with all that cash? Must be hard having everything you want and you r still bored to fucking tears.

You could have any woman you wanted so go get yourself one that makes you happy, o that’s right you live in a plastic world with plastic people that have no character and all they want is to suck your polo ponies cock for you.

My world is the real world and you couldn’t handle me and my life if you tried because unfortunately for you, you have turned into a plastic too. Do you get off on my misery, suffering and loneliness?

Nothing New

I have some wonderful Nigerian friends but no lovers as I suspected on my flight here. I literally cannot breathe in this country and I am seriously wheezing and feel like I am drowning in my phlegm.

I am cutting my trip short and going home on Monday because I have done nothing but sit in a hotel room with air conditioning so I can breathe. I am bored out of my mind and cannot wait to go home so I can function normally again.

I feel sad but do not know why and my guilt for leaving Ryan has consumed me, so I must go home and see my son as he needs me so. I felt so bad last night I did not call him because I didn’t want him to hear me wheezing and fighting for my own breath.

Life can be so funny sometimes as we get lost in who we are and the uncertainty of our futures or where we are headed. I am so sad and really have no reason to be and do not know why at this time.

When you feel for someone and never meet them it hurts, it makes me feel like shit as if I am not good enough but know I am more than good enough because of the type of person that I am.

I will never meet “him” and have to put him to asleep forever and keep him out of my life so I can let someone else in to love me and share my life with. Waiting for him is futile and stupid and I have been such an ass allowing myself to have feelings for someone that is no one in my life.