Silence Blinds

We are such visual human beings as we judge by sight, by what we see when we let ourselves become blinded by the silence of others is when we cannot see what is really hurting them or has them upset. We are blinded by the silence of our children because we do not look beyond their silence to see their pain.

People are so absorbed with their own lives they can only feel what is in their hearts and they do not offer to lend a hand to anyone else. This is such a selfish world, greedy world with so much hate and envy and people no longer love thy neighbor but instead covet they neighbors wife.

We spend our lives working and building up our stash of riches and all along life is passing us by and the best things in front of us we do not see. I will never be wealthy or marry into wealth which doesn’t bother me one bit because I am about emotions and giving, not taking and being self centered or greedy.

I have so much to give to the right person but I will continue to move in a positive direction and if you want to be part of my humble life you have to either open yourself up or catch up because I wait for no one as life refuses to wait for little ole me.