The Flood

I am such an asshole for not listening to my astrological chart as I was warned about flooding in my home. Sure as shit the damn sump pump went out and the new carpeting is fucking ruined. I have been through this shit on two other occasions and it sux as I just got home from an 18 hr. flight from Nigeria and I am welcomed to this shit. I have a company coming over to change the pump because I just cannot lift the damn thing.

I hate being so damn responsible for everything and just once, just one damn time I wish someone else would take the wheel and give me a break. I am so exhausted from that trip and I am definitely writing a note to self: Self, next time you feel you need to find yourself stay the fuck off planes going to third world countries and become zen like in your own damn backyard.

I found some answers in Nigeria that I really needed and I am finally closing the chapters of the book that has held me back for so long. I have good friends there but nothing more and the one I have had emotions for I have decided to just cut lose as we will never meet and he is an asshole anyway. He now claims to be bisexual, good for him but I am not interested in any guy who is fucking or being fucked by another guy.

I do not want him contacting me anymore pretending to be my friend on my fb or wanting to see me happy because its all bullshit and he needs to move on with his life and forget about me as I am forgetting him. I don’t care who the fuck he is or what he has because an asshole is still an asshole no matter if they are wealthy and famous. His wife was once so pretty but the picture that I have seen of her lately, well let’s just say over processed hair and eye surgery didn’t do her any good at all, quite the opposite.

I can totally understand why his marriage went south and why he never will be happy but that isn’t my problem just his and I am going to go back on the dating sites and see how many scammers will hit on me and possibly, just maybe if I am super fucking lucky I will meet a real man for a change, no players and no bullshitters, just real men with real emotions and are real.

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