I think we spend so much of our lives asleep, asleep to the realities we do not wish to see or deal with, we refuse to see the endings in our lives that are mandatory so knew beginnings can emerge. We hold on so tight to the people and things in our lives not realizing at the time that for our lives to get better, be happier and more content we must let go of those that no longer help us grow and see a knew life.

The amazing thing about life is it moves us when we refuse to move, people are forced out of our lives so new ones can enter, relationships end so we can have better ones, we move from an old house into a new one which opens our lives up to new experiences. We are not easily adaptable because most do not like change, they fear change and want their lives to stay as they are but this cannot be.

We hang on to relationships because we fear being alone, we fear going it alone and we are comfortable in a situation that does not make us happy but does not make us unhappy. We choose to exist not live because the fear of the unknown is just to frightening for so many. I for one embrace change as it makes life better for me and I embrace new beginnings even though there must be an ending first.

There is an eclipse coming May 10 and this is a very strong eclipse for endings which turn into new beginnings and I have been waiting for this eclipse for so very long. I used to carry a torch for a man who I allowed myself to care deeply for but do not get shit in return. This eclipse will morph him out of my life finally so I can let someone into my life that will help make my life have meaning and happiness.

This person creeps on me and has for years, he follows me like I was a million dollar bill blowing in the wind yet he makes no attempt to meet me. He is an infamous Continue reading