Charity Case

I  do not need you feeling sorry for me or treating me like I am a charity case and would appreciate if you just got out of my life. You do not control anything I think or feel and yes my life has been difficult at best but I am a survivor. You want a thin, stupid woman and I am neither so there is no room in your life for me and I know that as you have made no attempt to meet me just look at my pictures, especially the naked ones.

I am not a fake, phony or want to meet you because you are the great bati, that means nothing to me and never will so please just get out of my life because you are like everyone else, you judge by what you see and if the person isn’t physically attractive to you then you have no desire to meet her. You obviously do not need or want my friendship because it is to real for your plastic and material world. I do not know you but I do know you have creeped on me for years and have no idea why.

I am not in love with you contrary to what you may think, I do not know you and not so sure that I ever really want to know you. If you care about me at all then go away because you leave to many unanswered questions for me and that doesn’t help me but hurt me. I’m sorry you have been hurt so badly and you cannot find real love but that is the way your life is money, fame, big houses and shit but no love because anyone that would care for you just doesn’t fit into your perfect world.

You have said some very mean things to me about how I have raised my children but let me tell you something, you are no stellar parent yourself and I do believe both of us have done the best we know how. Your wife dumped you and that really fucked up your head and you have used so many women to get back at your wife at least in your own mind. I have been in your life for over four years and I have confused you with someone else because the two of you paralleled each other so damn closely.


I now know who I am really talking to for a change and I have finally cleared up any misconceptions that I have had, Im a good, decent, warm and loving woman and I doubt you will ever meet anyone like me because I am  the way I am and you are the way you are. I do not know if you fear me, respect me, hate me or what you feel and it really doesn’t matter because I know one thing, you are not man enough to meet me, you are to damn afraid or maybe I just represent everything you hate in a woman.

I would have enjoyed meeting you and chatting so I could see the real you, but I doubt you have shown the real you to anyone in so long that you have gotten lost in your own bullshit and fame. You wipe your ass just like everyone else but your arrogance can be so fucking nauseating at times. The stupid games you play annoy the fuck out of me, trying to be my texting buddy is really a joke because I am only texting buddies with people who care or love me and you feel neither.

Poking me on fb, chatting with me on fb under a shitload of different names, hacking my computer doesn’t impress me and I find it just wrong but you are so fucking famous and wanted by so many right? Well, go find yourself another shallow woman and maybe she will keep you amused more than I but as long as you waste time fucking with me the less time you have to find real love. You do not love me or even really like me or you would treat me better but I guess you think the way you treat me is acceptable, well it is not.

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