I Wonder

I wonder what men think when they see my picture, there is of course that say I’m to fat for their taste and I can understand that as I continue to try to shed these damn lbs. I don’t think I am an ugly woman and looking at the other women that are out there, well let’s say I am still in the race. I have one guy contacting me and wanting to know if I will play “mommy” sexually, he is so hell bent on being sure his sexual needs will be met that he has forgotten to tell me a damn thing about himself of interest.

I’m not against trying anything in the bedroom but I really have no clue what this guy wants unless it’s for a female to treat him like a little boy, hell that is easy as most men never really do grow up, lol. I’m convinced God gave men a cock because they love pull toys, lmao. I’m bad I know but men crack me up as they are little boys insight and sometimes it’s cute and sometimes it’s annoying as all get. There are men that are scared to death of strong women, get turned on by them, love the weak and helpless female and the needy as fuck female.

Then there are women who look for the daddy personality, the abuser, the bad boy, the drunk or drug addict because women need to be needed just as men do. I’m not into any of these types because I have been there and done that and have no desire to redo it again. I want a secure man, emotionally and financially, no he doesn’t need to be wealthy but damn don’t look at me to help you pay your bills, I like men that are tall 6’0 does just fine because tall men make me feel safe and protected, I like the slightly off the wall, crazy, zany, silly as fuck occasionally type of guy, a guy that likes to laugh and have fun.

My daughter tells me I am the youngest thinking mom that she knows and she thinks Im pretty kool just as her friends do, hell I’m just me and yes they have seen the outrageous me and they just laugh and laugh.You have got to want to be silly and let yourself do some stupid shit to make you feel alive or at least I do, I get so turned off by someone who just sits there and doesn’t talk to you and you have to come up with the entire conversation, when I meet someone like that I just have to exit left.