In The Middle

Have you ever felt that you are stuck in the middle? Not knowing if you can let go of the past and move on into the future? It’s so damn hard to make certain decisions, like changing your job, selling your home, buying a new home, ending a relationship and moving on alone until you meet that right person? I have learned that holding on to a relationship that isn’t satisfying makes us begin to resent the person and pick stupid arguements so we can have a reason to walk away and say I just couldn’t take anymore of their bullshit.

There are people that have to have another person lined up before they leave because they need that support and that relationship is nothing but a stepping stone that we eventually walk away from as well. It’s so damn hard telling someone that it’s over when you actually like the person as a friend and not romantically. We feel like a real piece of shit hurting this person because they do not deserve to feel such unwanted pain. The funny thing about being fearful of something is there is actually nothing to fear but instead accept that change is inviteable.