That Thing

Did you ever notice when you’re involved with someone you both get hooked on weird shit? Like you start collecting turtles, frogs, cat shit like that? My husband got hooked on buying me frogs, don’t ask me why because I do not remember but he bought me a shitload of frogs. Evidently, he thought that was “our” thing but I just didn’t care for them as I do not collect shit, never have and never will. I used to collect pets but that about broke my ass so I had to limit it.

I love animals and I actually prefer them to people because they just give love just because but people they give love when you buy them shit, give them shit or do something for them. People just do not give affection either, people are not affectionate, no one likes to kiss and make out anymore all they want to do is get their dicks wet and get off. I love romance and making out but there are so few good kissers out there, hell the last guy I kissed was my husband and he liked to suck my face off, yuk.

Some people are famous and meet the pope, my gift is in the bedroom and always has been, I take sexual pleasure to new heights because I am so unhibited and enjoy giving pleasure and I so love the sound of a man moaning as he is at my mercy. I’m not into pain but I do like to blindfold a man and tie his hands and feet to the bed as I explore his body with my hands, tongue, lips, oils and eatables. I really like the inside of the thighs as they are so sensitive and when you lightly touch the inner thigh it shoots straight up and is such a turn on.

I love getting mine, don’t get me wrong but I prefer to give the pleasure, slow, methodical, romantic, hot, sexy and wet. I like to do a strip tease and get turned on by removing a man’s clothing, very slowly of course. I love the smell of good cologne and the feel of my fingers running through a man’s hair and over his ass and hips. I love touching a naked man and I really like to masturbate a man as I am kissing him all over. I love going down on a guy as well and I so enjoy the body and wish I had one right about now.


I’m a pretty simple person and live a simple life that is boring as fuck and sucks because I am so lonely. I am not unattractive but I am no knock out either, I am simply, Kimberly.Photo on 5-13-13 at 11.43 AM #2Photo on 5-13-13 at 11.43 AM #3 Photo on 5-13-13 at 11.43 AM #4 Photo on 5-13-13 at 11.43 AMphoto1 photoIMG_0022 IMG_0168

The Realization

I spent Saturday with Ryan and Shelby at the mall, we were there six hours which is so unheard of when it comes to me because I am not a shopper or at least not six hours worth. I took the kids to the Rainforest Cafe because Shelby had never been there and then Ryan found a couple of lids he wanted, that boy wants for nothing and never asks for anything or so little, while Shelby bleeds the pockets dry because shopping is something she is so into. She has learned where her mother fails she will excel and a perfect example is makeup.

I don’t wear makeup often so I am no fashionista when it comes to that so she goes online and watches videos and then she practices, typical girl with a lame ass mother. I have always thought a woman should be pretty without makeup was to enhance beauty not cover it up. Some women put so much of that shit on they need a putty knife to scrape it off at night and those are the women that I find very unattractive. Maybe I will get ambitious and paint my face today, what the hell nothing better to do.

The dating sites are going as expected, meet a few nice guys chat for a day or two and then they’re gone, poof as if they never existed. I will be going up to the campground for the holiday weekend the end of May and maybe Ryan will be able to go with me. I want to try to sell the rv and maybe being there will entice people to want to look inside. I so love camping and fishing as it relaxes me so but the truth is I’m alone most of the time and it isn’t fun being alone. I need the money as well to help Shelby get through college.

Sitting around a fire or driving the golf cart around the park by myself gets old real quick and there’s nobody ever interesting there. Most people who camp are very financially strapped and go camping because it’s very inexpensive and the last thing I need is a guy that is looking for a woman to help him pay his bills. I don’t have much but I make it somehow and always will. I have been this way my entire life, independent because I have had to be and I never got the encouragement I needed.

I decided to go to college and work at the same time and be a mother and it wasn’t easy but so rewarding for me. I always did good in school but when I went because I chose to I did awesome, 4.0 girl here, no dummy. My english teacher wanted to nominate me for an honors program but working and raising a kid just give me enough time. I have always enjoyed English and writing and even though I have my share of typos I really seem to notice when other’s make their share.

It’s a cool, crisp morning in southern Michigan and it actually frosted last night, no wonder farming isnt as good as it used to be, this damn weather. I need to get my ass seriously motivated but my ass just likes my couch too much lately. My back has been killing me and sleeping on a queen size mattress that is way to soft doesn’t help one damn bit. Gabriel and Michael are full of piss and vinegar as usual and I so enjoy watching them play and they make me smile so much.

It’s one of those mornings where the sun is shining through the sliding glass door in my bedroom and I lie there naked with one breast exposed as I have my arm over my head and I stare at the ceiling. Wondering what he is doing at that very moment, my luck he’s in bathroom reading a playboy as he sits and ponders his life. I’m glad I went to Nigeria and discovered that “he” and Eman are not one of the same but there was so many coincidences that I thought they were one person.

So much didn’t make sense for so long but now everything is clear, crystal and I’m good with it, Eman is such a nice person but he is going nowhere fast in his life and he thinks I will bring him to the states one day, sorry like that is never going to happen. I like talking to him because he is so compassionate and he’s a Pisces. The thing with Pisces is they are known to drink, a lot of them are alchoholics and I do not need that type of personality around me but in Nigeria it’s as if they have nothing else do to but drink.

I wish I could give some of these guys on the sites a chance but I just cannot settle for what doesnt attract me and I do not care how big their wallets are. Money is great but it’s not everything and even the rich are lonely and not even their money can buy happiness. They stay in bad relationships because they do not want to be alone, rich or poor so many people live their lives like that but not me, I prefer to be alone than to stay in a situation that doesn’t make me happy.