The Most


The thing I miss the most is the touch of a man, his hands sliding over my face,neck and body-that sensual touch as his hands glide over my breasts and nipples barely touching them. That is exciting to me because it builds the anticipation and I actually get a slight pain in my groin from the burst of blood to the sex organs. The thought of touching a man makes me think of touching his face, running my thumb over his lips, down his neck to his chest and groin.

Photo on 5-15-13 at 8.50 AM #3

I love the feel of a hard man there is something so masculine about a hard on and I get so turned on thinking about it. Kissing him slowly and moving to his ears and neck gets me hot just thinking about it. I love to feel a man’s body and I love to kiss his lower stomach and around his cock. I never go down on a guy, I take my time and build up his excitement as I fondle and play, lick and tug and slowly take his entirety into my mouth. I so love sex and I don’t know how much longer I can go without it.

I want to be sitting on him rubbing my wetness on him as I kiss him and slowly sit on his manhood, slowly working his cock into my tightness up and down very slowly until I am sitting on him and riding him gently at first and then to a feverish pitch until we both explode and are covered in sweat. I fall of him and lie next to him as he takes my hand and we both start laughing. That is the kind of sex I love and want so damn bad I could go crazy at anytime without it.


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